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I live for the sake of creativity. I love reading (books, manga), writing (poems, stories), drawing (fanarts, original), and surfing in the web.
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Take care hun!
OMG you're so right! You just have to take a look at his face... xD
Oh God poor Eric XD
A seat by the window /and/ behind Tamantha ;D
Girl's got character, huh ;D
Oh and btw Naty I really like the expressions you draw. I can actually see the hate in Eric's eyes :)
haha I do too
it's just the kind of pairing I like OvO
And btw I have no problem with Tamantha/Eric. Just sayin'. But anyway right now that's not remotely possible 'cause, you know, she killed his dad :/
Well fuck

I see raeg coming again
Wow he looks so cute in the last panel!
Maaan I really feel sorry for her. Poor momma has gone through a lot of shit :(
Well... I'm liking this. It's kinda like a mood whiplash, you know? Because Lune is so happy-go-lucky all the time and it just clashes with the atmosphere of the story. I like that. :)

The death of the father didn't surprise me 'cause you had already said that it would happen.... a long time ago, anyway, but I have good memory ;) Just a bit of advice: you saw Madoka Magica, so you know that a character's death is more shocking when the character is more developed and even liked (Mamiiiiii ;_;)... so yeah, next time someone dies, make it unexpected! Surprise us! ;D

Oh and from a earlier page: Lune asks, 'so you're having a meeting tonight?', and Erik says, 'yes, you know, blah, blah, blah...' AVOID THAT. If they really go every night, the she wouldn't be asking something that obvious. It's clear that you included that part just to let the readers know. So yeah, try something different :)

What irks me it's the fact that Lune doesn't look SAD in that last page :/ Erik is sad/angry/frustrated, the mother is heartbroken, Tamantha looks smug (and she should, she just killed the coven's head) and Lune is... worrying about what's going to happen to them? Honestly? It kinda makes sense, but I would have been crying instead. But it's okay for now, maybe it's part of her character. Maybe she wasn't attached to her (step)father at all.

Now about the charas: I like them. They seem well-rounded and normal. The one that stands out is, well, Lune, but I'm not really impressed by her. I like Erik, the mother, the principal and, of course, Tamantha (bias? what bias? XD)

So yeah, that's all for now. XD Keep it up! ;)
You're doing it wrong! XD
The first death is supposed to come on the third chapter, not the first!

... just kidding. Y'know, Madoka Magica... XD
Ohhhhhh. I see raeg coming :D
Wow. That was sudden and shocking. Now I can't wait for the next page!!

(btw, still like Tamantha)
Yessss Tammy's here!!
Oh btw there's a little mistake in the chara's section, it says Luna 'resents the fact that they haven't turned her /human/.'
... I laughed XD