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Bladed Panda
I'm insane and love reading comics.
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@sbdrag: No, Xalkar is one of those guys who think if you're not on his side he thinks you're crazy, Xalkar and Xemnas set up the meeting in advance

Ghost: maybe later, but I'd just end up killing her again.
yeah I know I said i'd have a four part flashback but face it, i'm lazy. Instead here's a little comic for background info to start the violence soon.
many of the excessive readers or people who were reading around the begining when my comics sucked significantly more may remember a preview to my backup plan in case LWA fails, I just thought I would put this up because I havn't posted in a few days which is rare for me.

*BP shoots Robin* now that that's out of the way, FIFTY?! I kick ass! well so do all of you but me more.
okay I ran out of ideas for prophecies and Johnny Cash kicks ass, so you can deal with it. It's gonna be a while until I get to the flashback so if my co authors have been saving anything they can post it... hell they could have posted it any time i dont care if they interupt my mini plot.
yep, two more members of the evil organization that Xero's in, with mention of two more. So one more prophecy, then a 4 part flashback, then the big fight.
oda's rignt about the no rush thingie, I'm in school so my updates will be less frequent, giving you guys lots of post time and stuff like that. Oh and Oda, I may be able to work you in but you'd be a little kid selling lemonade or something... and the mini oda sprite would majorly suck unless you already had one or could make it yourself. I suck at customing sprites and am trying to get into ripping as soon as I feel like it.
I said they were crazy, not idiots... but that word fits them as well. And I'm thinking of something really cool for the last one, then Xero, Wraith, and company will attack... after a 4 comic flashback scene! DUN DUN DUN!
yeah, just wanted to push the little mini-story along and the Riku/Uzuki is just because I needed a reason for Riku the beat up a TWEWY character and possibly set up more jokes.
yeah yeah I know it sucks, you can clean it up if you want but don't count on me to do it, i'm a lazy person.
DING DING DING! Vexen rose from the grave to attack Marly, Summer is the child who controlls evil (heartless) and was born before Demyx and Larxene got married, and Uzuki now lives in Axel's house. you guys really do hit the nail on the head, dont you. and yes one of the other reaper guys are gonna show up soon but im not saying anything else.
arent we all a fan of that overcompensating mutant with a kick ass theme song? Edit: well they're supposed to be in notheast Utah, but to get technical that scene was in atlantica.
slim to nil, unless I use him in a joke he's not showing up. but lets break that down to give you and the other readers a better hint

DARK: dark colors, evil
ANGEL: Wings, girly

I'm not saying any more than that.
yeah this isnt really important yet, but Xero and his master will play a greater role later in the comic.
YAY! KILLER ROBOTS! and I may use Xiggy as an arms dealer later in the comic.
i couldve but I didnt.... that and I couldn't think of anybody else to use.
Declaring it dead
life With Organization XIII
APR 2008-OCT 2009

there a proper gravestone post, at this point it's dead
yeah... really crappy comic but it works
yeah colors once again got f**ked up, but at least it still has the subliminal messange... forget that last part.