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Nina The Kitsune
I am what and who I am and do what I do because I like to do them.
Dude thats why you leave the spriting to ME and OU make th comics. Derp
And here it is. End of chapter 4 and this comic. At least for a little while. Im putting RAR on Hiatus until I finish up Mephiles Story. I actually have a plotline etched out for that one and hopefully I can make one up for THIS one as I go along. But yes. This comic is going to be put on Hiatus till then. I also have collage starting in about a week so Im going to try to get as many pages ready to go till then.

Im glad you guys have stuck with me till this point. Hope you continue to stay with me cus as soon as I get a plot line ready for it, Im picking this one back up.

till then!

These sprites are just experamental sprites atm not solid that we are gonna use them at all. Just experamenting with it okay?
P.S: Sonic wasnt really supposed to lose his hat but I figuredit be a little funnier if he did. So yeah. His hat fell off halfway through the comic XD
Few things about this comic.

First, Silvers look.

Its NOT PERMANANT at all unless you guys want it to be. I took the liberty of modifying his sprites so he LOOKS his character a little bit more instead of a redneck robin hood. I noticed from the game that the...gurdo's?...whatever hes supposed to be (^.^;;) Wear parkas with hoods and you can see nothing but the eyes and the legs of them. The hands arnt even there. So I wanted to try this look for him. Let me know what you guys think. Just something I wanted to try for him is all nothing big.

The second thing is that I took ALOT of liberties with the script for this one. It wasn't to be this long at all but I thought, for show and stuff, to make this one a little bit more dramatic so I added a few closeups at the start and in the middle panel to see the real expressions on the characters for you guys. I dunno, I think it came out pretty good. LOOK SHINEY STUFF 8D.

Anyway, Zak didnt give me the title for this page so I made one up on the fly that I thought would fit for it. So here you guys go! Next page, and we see that our assasin is in a spot of trouble.

Hope you guys enjoy~
I have no idea why it didnt post the first time buthere ya go. Deleted all the coments. sorry ^^;
Been a while since my last update but i've been busy a bit so yeah. Im sorry. That and I have been getting neervous as january looms nearer and nearer and I have to start College (sp?). I'm kinda excited but nervous as well so.

Anyway heres the update, sorry it took so long to get it up for you guys (*rimshot*).

Yeah okay so this one gave me some issues with the text bubbles in GIMP. They wouldn't go transparent for some reason so I kinda had to make do till I figured out the issue.

Yes I know long time no update but im busy getting ready for my college entry test. Stupid things...

Anyway im still writeing scripts for BOTH comics, RAR and MS, but I dunno if im gonna do them or not. We'll see.

After you said that I looked back at the comic and I now see what you did there my good friend XD.

For those of you who dont know, Ill spoil it for you. Im unsure about the FIRST game but in Majora's mask, in Gerudo valley, there is always a ninja like character that will come out of hideing if you wear the right mask. He finds out that you arnt the master and fights you, useing two bladed knives, one to each hand. He wears a cloak and hood so you cant see his face but when you beat him, he says something, takes out a bomb, then dissappears when it explodes.

If THAT isnt the guy that hes supposed to be, then I have absolutely no idea who he is XD
I love sonics face. Hes all "FFFFFUCK THERE ARE TWO OF THEM OH GOD!"
Ps? If you guys dont get what the noise is in the four panel and the last panel doesnt clue you in, that would be the sound of him SCREECHING TO A STOP.
Yeah yeah yeah I know about time get off my back about it god.

Yeah so show of hands who saw this coming? Anyone?

Wanna know the funny part? Hes hitting on/flirting with HIMSELF! XD

Yeah so I broke out GIMP for this one hope it looks DECENT and I fixed a bit of my Grammer in it as well. Hope it looks a bit better. Im gonna try to get these up a little sooner but letting you guys know its coming down to the wire that in a few more pages, this chapter will be over. Im thinking about keeping it going if I can.

Aw you guys are sweet. thanks a bunch <33

Im actuy sry bout the quality in this one. I have a new computer and Im still getting used to it even AFTER haveing it for like 6 months some things are STILL new to me like paint so.

But thanks you guys that means alot to us.

Go ahead if you want to do that but I would like to see you do TWO comics in ONE night at 1:00 in the morning with nothing to keep you awake but a very lonely puppy who misses his mommy. Its not my best work but if you dont like it, to bad deal with it until he gets back.

THATS what a hardcore fan would do.


*gives cookie and a hug* thank you dear your to kind for me.
Here comic.

1:38 in mornin.

Me sleepy.

Me go bed now.

You read.

You laugh.

Night night.

*Crawls off to bed*

YAY comic by me FINALLY!

Yeah he asked me to make this while he was gone, gave me the script and the sprites so HERE YALL GUYS GO YAY!

now if you dont mind.....
*tromps off to start the next page of HER comic, grumbleing all the way*

PS. The fourth panel is SILVER looking at them from inside a tree.
By popular demand, I thought about the comic and desided that I'll finish it up through this chapter seeing as though theres only a few pages left, and I had this one almost done already. Not as fancy as the others because I'm going to a wedding and I need to get finished getting ready so here you guys go, page 40 is big! But I hope you guys like it.

Im back bitches!

*walks over to her computer with coffee in her hand.*

*Looks at the update*

*Looks at her sprites*