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Page 29
Something is happening in the darkness in Prontera.
Hard luck Cain. T^T
He used a lot of soliloquy right?
Page 26
Ahaha. Terry has quickly grown to become on of my favorite characters.

That Ryan... So sneaky!
Page 025
Dracula is awesome.
Fear his super awesome attacks! >_< Sounds so lame.... Silly Chi-chan.
I just found out the Church is called the Parish. I'm so dumb. XD
I tried messing with stuff... Hope it's alright...
I has a sad...
Poor Ashley... Hope your sister is still alive. T^T

On a happier note... Sharks won.
On a sadder note... The Giants are no longer undefeated...
I've been playing a lot of weird games with Asphodel lately.

Sorry for the cheap update and lack of updates...
Terry is looking pretty chill, relaxin' all cool. >w<
Dat Ass

Another chapter cover
Porings! They're so cute! >w<
New chapter start!
Is it making a little more sense?
Chapter End
Some of you might be confused. That's okay...

It gets less confusing as we start to explain it next chapter... I hope x.x

But hopefully... It's kept you engaged right...?
This is....
One of the uglier comics... =\

Oh well.
@Ramsus: Distractions make me work more, sort of, kinda....

@Chihara: Yer Muther!!
Page 012
It's not very funny, sadly... I tried with what I had.

Write better scripts! D=<
Page 011
I tried to make it coolies. Tried to make the broken tip of the spear spin away. Guess I kind of didn't do to well at that... Oh well. >__<
I just realized the 2nd and 3rd panels are off center. >_<