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Haha. Aw, I was looking forward to reading more. <3 :D Awesome drawings btw. XD
Haha. I like this page. :D
lol @ the part where his dad is worried that he's excited to get a letters from a guy. XD
Hahahahah.. totally did not expect that. XD
He's a smart Pikachu. :D
Hahaha. XD
OH wow, that some pikachu. XD
Hahaha, pikachu explosion! XD
Hahaha. XD Mac must be frustrated by now. :)
Hahaha the last part was funny. XD
Wow, I love your artwork. I like the story. ^o^)/ It's marvelous.
wow, the randomness. XD lol.
Haha @ the last panel. XD
Hahaha, poor Sunny. XD
Haha. Thats so cute. ^^ I'm enjoying this story so far. <3 I really love the artwork. o-o!
Hahaha. XD The pen..I think I have a feeling I know what he's gonna say. lol. Interesting story. :D Nice job.
Noooooo!! lol. And here, I thought if the book would be burn, they're permanently be spell bound. Haha. Love your artwork & story so far.
OOo, nice. :) I like it so far.