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I make films and take photographs, I play guitar and I write.

I do alot of things competently.
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Yeah not the best...
But it's an update.
Expect more, with scenes from series 3.
Wanted to use PNG, kept shrinking, wanted it in one long comic, had to widen it out a bit.
November 25th, 2006
Constructive criticism?
I guess length is an issue (Bit longer?), but the art is wonderful.
Very nice
First panel made me chuckle, which is always good.
Second half...
Was genius.
Is getting better and better.
Oh zombies...
The ending made this 5-star worthy for me.
Very good start.
One of the best yet
Har har
Thanksgiving, silly holiday, but a good comic.
Great punchline
Thanks for all the comments on this particular comic, and kool, I add a comic whenever I finish one...

I don't really have a schedule.
I think...
... The World may officially be fucked.

Pardon my French.
So he's dead... what a rubbish way too die. Brilliant art and story all the same.
September 12th, 2006
Thanks for the comments...
...and thanks for the fave cspainey
Peanut butter?
Added on request, seemed appropriate. Very crude humour, for something less crude check out Desmond the bully.
Cry baby
The original was over 10 panels longer, of just Jack. He sure does cry alot...
That is pretty darn brilliant.
September 11th, 2006
Speech bubbles done by a friend
I had alot of problems recently, I originally wanted to put up "A Charlie and Helen connection" but it couldn't fit, as PNG or JPEG. So instead I did this one.