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Nothing much to put and I won't give anything out unless I trust you.
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It seems like he wants to get to know her better, but first impressions go a long way in a situation like this...
I'm sdtill reading it's jsut I'm too lazy to comment... guess I'll do thatfrom now on and I really enjoy this story so far! <^w^>
I believe that....
Athan King should win! That smile on the last panel made him my favorite!
She'll probably just have to use her puppy dog eyes and they'll let her use it. Great page
Awww Poor Dragonthing! He just wants some love T-T You don't haveto get up!
It's so nice to see him happy!
Ah the wonders of fan service.
Oh so cute!! I'm glad she came back
*obviously saracstic* WOOHOO for cougars. WOnder where she gets her hair done? not
Poor Jack *hugs him* it's going to be okay. You can come to my place and get love attacked by my yellow lab and then we'll make cookies
That looks realy painful. I hope it isn't but I'll probably be proved wrong
AHHH!!! Rape Face!!!! lol
AWWW poor girl. Glad I'm glad my family doesn't believe in arranged mariages. ^w^ Love the art by the way
AWWW! Why'd she have to go and get shot! Bernardette was one of my favorite characters in this series T-T
*agrees with insaneXXwander and asks FieryAnimated for some popcorn* Great job on this page and loved it