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Shishi Beru
I like things.
Like drawing and eating.
Oh, gardening too.
And my pet chickens.

smart_lozer is my older account, it's not some other person I'm collaborating with on comics, we're one and the same.


Comic Status:
I'm currently busy with lotsa projects but I try to update DoMES every now and then ;u;
All my other comics are pretty much dead though...
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    Shishi B
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page 3 of 3 for today~
I'll try to have more pages soon!

Also, I have another comic that you can read here:
page 2 of 3 for today
Holy chit guys... what's up :V
This page is like 2 years old LMAO but I do have some new pages that I drew just now so uhh yeah look forward to those soon O:
idk if anyone even reads this story anymore but hey in case anyone's still out there waiting for updates, thanks for sticking around! <3
keeping the streak alive
@Sutefu: I can't believe anyone would be keeping up with me or my stories for that long haha but I am happy some people do. Thank you!
let's see if I can keep a good update streak haha..
Holy moly I sure died for a long time, but that's kind of normal nowadays huh...
Well, I've been trying to juggle many things these past months and somehow this comic kept getting pushed back but hopefully I can get some pages done inbetween working on other stuff ;w;
Sorry for the long wait and thank you for your patience!
Sebastian's turn to be on a cover~
Sorry about the lazy page but I just wanted to get this chapter done haha;;
I'll be uploading the cover for next chapter soon.
Actual pages will be coming idk when. I'm in a real art rut :c
Update woo~
Chapter is almost over guys, finally...

edit: gdi typos... I'm too lazy to fix, it's no big deal :U
Long time no see. I had no internet for about 2 months soooo yeah...
I have the next 2 pages done as well, just gotta add text to them, so expect more updates in a day or two. Thanks for your patience!
So this page had been done for some time I just never got around to adding the text and uploading it oops...

Also in a few days this comic will be turning 9 years old heh.... isn't that something...
It was exciting like 4 or 5 years ago to think "Wow I've been drawing this comic for this long? Wow I'm so dedicated haha!" now I'm like... 9 freaking years and this story is still not getting anywhere? will it ever get anywhere??? who knows...

But heyyy it's all good, I owe the great majority of my improvement with drawing to this comic so, no regrets :v

If anyone's got some ideas on something special I can do for the 9th anniversary then please do share o:
This page is super late and super lame I'm sorry I just... jammed so much dialogue in one page and it looks soooo so bad sadsffdh...
another update yeeey...
blah I feel like my pages are getting lazy...
idk like, I need to include more panels and information, or maybe I'm just desperate to finish this chapter and feel like more panels in a page will help me reach the end faster ;w;
I just want this to get finished ;3;...
Another page c:
Didn't wanna leave y'all wondering what she was gonna sayyy though there's still some mystery as to what she's got planned for Jacob :v
Sorry for the delay, I get distracted by other things quite easily :T

Also, I decided I didn't like what I originally had planned for the last pages of this chapter and scrapped them and instead I'm using a scene that was gonna be the opening scene for the next chapter, lols...
Thanks for being patient with me, I will try to have this chapter finished before April! (keyword being try...)

Thanks for reading~ c:
Poopy update. Just 3 more poopy pages to goooo and the chapter finally ends.
Not very obvious but Falcon be lying :U

Also, a reminder that I have a new comic going on:
check it out if you haven't and think you might be interested to follow it c:
Update time~ Late as usual :v
I am just in a major slump with comics and I'm trying to get out of it, but working on this comic is not working out right now.
I'm actually attempting a new comic to see if that helps me get back into the comic making groove.
So if you guys would like to see this new comic, here it be:

As for this comic, it's not on hold or anything, I'll still be making more pages as I feel like working on them. There's actually only 5 more pages left to this chapter so I'll try to get those done in the next few weeks ;u;

Thanks for reading and for being patient! I appreciate it a lot.