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Hey there, my name is Kaitlyn! I just put up a comic called Ludzi, you should check it out!
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I've noticed...
These pages are getting more and more in-depth. This page took FOREVER. No more apologies. I update when I can because they take time. ;D
I hate myself.
I reeeeeeeally do. As you know, I missed the past 2 Saturdays. Work+guests at house+complicated pages=little work done. However! I owe you guys 2 pages, which will be update this week along with your normal update on Saturday to make up for it. Love you guys! Enjoy the birth-trees! <3
@Demety xD Oh pretentiousness! Ludzi is the character's name as well as the race of people. It's a rough translation of human/person in polish, so basically it satirizes humans, nothing more. xDDD
Teehee. Expression=awesome.
Very nice! Keep it up!
Epic face! FTW
Very lovely title page and I love the names. =3
Spidey man, Spidey man!
I feel like I cheated on this one it is nothing compared to the last picture, and two, it's been crazy over here. 3 term papers of doom! However, this was not me being lazy. I've actually had this picture planned to look like this for a few weeks now, so...yah. Thanks again for all you loving support!
And I thought page 3 was a bitch. xD I was wrong. Here you go! I actually like this page the best! Here's a game for you! I spy the eye! Find em!
RAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! - So, the page for this IS finished, however, I am away from my scanner this weekend. T.T I hate to do this to you again, but I can't update the regular comic today, so here is something equally disturbing to look at. Love you guys for being so patient. <333 XOXOXX
@yehram XDD Why thankies! You'll just about die when you see the next page next Saturday! x33 Thanks for your support!
Another page! Yah boy! You might find that I draw eyes a lot. I'm just fascinated with them because they are the window to the soul..or the lack thereof. Kinda mad at this page. I don't know why..maybe because it's not as POW! as the others. I no no. xD Um ya. I do like the typography though..I was pretty pleased with myself, butcha. Next page is supah-awesome! Don't believe me??!??!?!????!??? Tune in next week to find out! xDDD
I love your style! Keep it up!
Haha. Schrödinger's cat!
xD Starry-eyed no pun intended? It might surprise you that this page wasn't even going to be in the comic, but I decided I needed to explain a few things in the society.
April 9th, 2011
Very nice! Keep up the good work!
I told you! x333
I said I'd have a real page this week and here it is! Yes, yes, the background was a bitch. Thank you for reading and tell your friends!