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Lavender Okamari
Welcome to my Fairy Tales~
I mostly focus on short stories. My favorite genres to write are fantasy fiction with some drama (action) and romance on the side. I sometimes dabble in novellas but don’t expect much.


*most on frequently
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Oh! Came up with another one! XP

Dear Minty, if you saw someone abusing a toy teddy bear, what would you do to them?

I hope these questions inspire you... >_<;
Dear Minty, Hi!
It's been a very long time since I've visited but I want to say thank you for sharing so deeply and honestly about your life. I really feel that even when life has pushed you down so many times, you still see the "fun" side to everything.
I'm also incredibly happy that in fact many of my questions have been directly replied to with occasional mini stories! It makes me so happy that you engage with your audience that you've seriously won their hearts.
I have come across with some questions, when I reread all the things you've said previously about your life...

1) To Dear Minty: We know about your mother, at least that she was a horrible parent and you hate her, but what about your father? You've only mentioned him a few times. Why would he marry your mother? What kind of work was he in? Did he play with you? Did he love you? Did you love him?

2) Question for your brother, what was growing up like for you? Are you the older brother or younger one?

3) Minty, what is your line of work? Are you in the mafia? You said you can speak Russian and Italian - does that mean your have Russian and Italian? Are you an mixed?

4) From the shorts that I've read, you don't get along with a lot of people - in school - and in general... but I've noticed that some people (ex. girls/and even some boys) are curious about you. Would you let them in? Would you become friends with them? Would you allow help and comfort from them, if they were to offer it... And would you be willing to allow someone (other than Gin, and your gang) to get in deep with you? If not... does the idea or thought of change or (the scares you've received and had to endure) to heal, scare and frighten you. What I really mean is, if there was someone that could heal you, that could make it all better, that could fix your problems/issues at home, change the way you view the world... make you truly happy... would you let them?

5) Minty, What do you really want to be when you grow up? Are you tired of how you've lived up until now?

6) What do you think is a reason for life?

7) How good a shot are you? And out of all the weapons you could choose from, which do you rather prefer or use?

8) You said you have a gang... what is your gang name? Can you have a group photo together as you destroy... whatever?

9) To the gang. What do you think about Minty?

10) Dear Minty, if you had one wish that could be granted... what would it be?

Okay... this will be my last question - you can see I've been harboring a lot of them!
11) What element would you be? If you had powers that is. [ex. water, ice, fire, earth, sky, electricity, iron, psychic, light, dark, etc.] What would the others be?

Till next time then! :D
heh, the guy Orion is talking to kinda looks like a poke'mon!
I'm liking how Orion looks in these few panels. For me, it's hard to give them a lot of expression. xD
Thank you guys for this! ^
I'll try to do my best in making not only the comic entertaining and enjoyable but also the conversations meant to be had. This is really a learning process for me and I'm glad I have such awesome fans to help me along!
Well, I agree that I also haven't been interacting with my fans as much. I'm kind of reserved about sharing my personal life but at the same time I know that everyone here are all friends that can only make me want to complete more pages... so I'll try to figure out a way around this...
@Catias18: OMG, I realized that like after everything... ha, it was hard coming up with a name for it... but now that I think about it I like of like, "Mortpretra" for it? Just considering its poisonous beauty? ;D
Issues in my Life
Sorry, everyone for the extremely slow updates, I'm really bad at keeping a steady schedule for this comic.
I've just been going through a tough time and I have been struggling financially and haven't felt motivated to continue Parallel. Even though I do not plan to stop this comic till its finished - it might be a while between updates until I sort a few things in my life.
But I just wanted to thank you all for reading my comic and for enjoying it so much. I have really enjoyed this comic too, and hope you all will still read as I struggle though this. You guys are the best!
@megamario1392: Thank you soooo much for this comment - I don't ever plan on stopping this comic without having finished it - but yeah, I have been needing some motivation of late.
So thank you for this.
Reminds me of classic Japanese Art when they often used the "black spot." Cool~
@SkarletFantasy haha, someone is very interested in Vioglass. xD
Those Clefairys are really on to Atty XD
Atty has to climb onto DT when she evolves into a Charizard. Not kidding. She needs to be like huge and freakn bad ass.
@ Perstephanie
Same... It's nice and all to see where he's been but what he's done now really reflects on what kind of person he is... Personally, I think he still has Gaia's influence/curse on him, but a lot of what he's done is through his own actions...
I don't know if I can forgive him so easily just because he's got good looks and we see him in some fatherly scenes.
Zeus, dude, you got a lot of show to do.
Wait... I just got something...
Hades killed Zeus's love and so Zeus did the same... to get back at him...
Ugh... nope still can't forgive him.
Warning: My special ink pens are starting to die out... need to buy more... ahghakrgbaiehrg!
@SkarletFantasy: Haha, was on the line of thinking that the kids around thirteen at most and would of gotten his Poke'mon pretty young, so I called it Teddy. XD
I love this comic so so much you don't understand!
OMG, this is the best way of saying it! I understand completely, making a comic by yourself is really hard! I completely understand all the feels is involved in making one too! I will wait for as long as it takes! Can't wait!
I love him, he's so kind! TTvTT
Sorry for the long hiatus! I've been working on a deck of pokemon playing cards! I've been drawing each 54 faces of the cards, so its been taking some time!
Sorry for the wait!