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Likes scarves.
Collects business cards.
I really do want to update this more and hopefully I'll be able to more efficiently, now that I've finally made a set template for these strips. I'd like to create an update schedule, but I'm hesitant during the semester because my workload fluctuates. So let's just say I'll do my best to crank out at least 2 strips a month, for now.
Gotta start scripting...
Sorry it took so long to update...I've still got more scripted so hopefully I'll get off my lazy ass and continue to update.

Shark Fact #11: Blue sharks eat most things, but their diet consists mostly of squid.
Yeah so, after a clever ploy, my suitemates distracted me and stuck this Ke$ha pic to my dresser. Scared the shit out of me when I returned.

A reminder that they want me to put her lyrics into Shakespspearean English.
And so we introduce one of my lovely suitemates.
And I'm going to blame mariokart for why this update is late.
September 25th, 2010
The only downside to my totally awesome dorm is the fact that it's up a huge hill.

Sorry for the sloppiness. I'm tired =__= BUT AT LEAST I UPDATED ON TIME.
Did you miss me?
Sorry for the impromptu hiatus. Been busy + idea block. But I managed to script the next couple strips so expects updates! Hooray! And yes I've changed the format. This one is a bit less complicated and easier to work with, which means I can get them done quicker. I feel bad about not updating during Shark Week though :<

Shark Fact # 10:
From what I've seen, it looks like that some sharks will die if they stop swimming, as they need to move in order to breathe. But it is also dependent on the species as some sharks can remain stationary without dying. If anyone has the info from a reliable source, I'd love to know.
Technically, it's not dorm life. But hey, I was on break all week. And it's good to be back home.
When have you ever had a normal conversation at home?
Running gag from my old non-existent webcomic. Yes I could not connect to the internet my first night here. No I did not weepingly ask to come home...but I did freak out for a while.
Can't say when the next update will be, but my summer classes are just about over so I'll have more time...well, I'll still be at work all day, but at least when I get home, I don't have homework.

Hopefully more soon. I'd like to make a stock of line art done and scanned in first so when I leave for college in August, my lack of a scanner won't inhibit posting.

Shark Fact #9:
Sharks are one of the most ancient species on this planet. They've existed in relatively the same form since at least the time of the dinosaurs. Even evolution knows, if it ain't broke, don't fix it ;)
Aaand we're back
Sorry for the long wait in between--end of semester was crazy, and then right after summer session started.
Anyway, I have a couple drawn out, taking a break from the latest arc because I'm still figuring out where to go next.

This was done as a kind of homage to the BEST SCENE form the WORST MOVIE (Megashark vs Giant Octopus).

Shark Fact #8:
Unlike most animals, the sharks upper and lower jaw both move. It moves it's head back and forth in order to tear off chunks of meat which they then swallow whole.
This'll be the last one for a bit. I've got plans, but no more line art next and no time to draw it. I've got about 3 weeks left of class and a shitton of projects to get done before the end. So...see you in June probably.

Shark Fact #7
The male shark's pelvic fins modify into what's called "claspers"--the equivalent of a mammalian penis, which they insert into the female's oviduct into which they release their sperm, internally fertilizing the females eggs.
Harsh could describe Tom's rejection, or the length of this page!
Update two days in a row? I told you this one was short. And I probably won't have time to update for a while, so enjoy (and tell your friends)!

Shark Fact #6:
Sharks have no bones. They are made up of cartilage--the stuff that makes up your nose.

OMG UPDATE! Can't promise anything after this. I might be able to squeeze in the next one soon because it's short, but after that I don't know. Also, hitting up Tora-Con this weekend! Holla if you're gonna be there (I'll be the sub-par Marisa Kirisame)!

Anyway, sad comic is sad. Things are looking down for Tom, but we'll see where this goes.

Shark Fact #5 are we on?
Female blue sharks have been known to reproduce asexually in rare occasions when there are no available males around.

So...ouch Tom, ouch.
I'm back! Finally got around to scanning the new pages I did, so they'll be coming in soonish. I'll probably stagger them over the next few days.
But for now, enjoy! With this comic, we begin the mating season arc ;)

Can't think of any shark facts for today. I'll get back to that next comic.
All you need is love
Poor Brando. He just wants to be loved. So I finally introduce my Great White! He wants to be a show shark. I don't think it's worked out quite so well. And sharks don't really cry, I don't think. So let's just say it's water dripping off him, that happens to be conveniently located so as to portray his emotion.

Shark Fact #4:
Great White Sharks are known to leap clear out of the water in order to catch prey such as seals.
Aaaaaand we're back.
Hooray for weekends! Hooray for February Break! Hooray for more uploads! I finished inking a couple last night, so it's just a matter of coloring them now ;)

Shark Fact #3:
Sharks do not actually like the taste of humans. Most shark attacks occur because they mistake humans for seals and other delicious animals.
@Cheesecake for Everyone

Yes they can! And that fact shall not be ignored in coming comics when I introduce my Great White ;)
Ahhh Young Love
Too late I realized "Spring is in the Water" would have made more sense. But oh well. I'm too lazy to go back and edit.
So yeah, not to say there ISN'T semen in the water all year long (This is off the California coast after all) But Spring Break has more noticeable amounts.

Anyway, here we learn the name of our Tiger, Jim, and introduce our Blue, Tom. Keep watching for the intro of the Great White ;)

I've rambled enough so,
The shark's sense of smell is so keen, it can pick up as little as one part per million of blood in seawater.
Page 2! Ugh, sloppy with the coloring, I know. But I guess it's decent enough. Expect better work later on. Pa and Sonny were a bitch to do.

I should add Shark Facts to these. So, Fact #1:

Great Whites and Tiger Sharks can stick their heads above water.