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im just made this account for favs
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    yeah right
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@.:AuraX:.: but with magic powers
I thought killy couldn't shoot projectiles
Is it just me or is her tail much less fluffy than before
Of course, the moon why haven't we thought of that
¬°Hurra por saber varios idiomas!

Correct me if my Spanish is off
Where did you get that sword
September 16th, 2011
Question for Shelia
Why don't you have a restraining order against maximillion
That lightning is scary at first then it's funny when you get a good look
It was tfs abridged
Some one bigger than vas o_o
One peice can fill a lot of gaps
In the comics omega killed gamma and replaced him
His ears
Oh wait its his"shot"
I hope you die in this comic
February 24th, 2011
@ 2021
nice. try this one
5th time
my 5th time reading this and its still funny
i agree with daniblovespie and my worst game was star wars pilot wars