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Ahhh it's been a long while since I've actually contributed things here...

Still really busy, still a nut, still making comics with no plotline- only they don't end up here. Why is that? Maybe because they're TERRIBLE. Oh well...

Zeph out =P
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Even without meaning to/knowing it Atticus is a jerkface and crushes the dreams of small girl X
Aww, Go Drangonthing! You got this is the bag!

... DT makes me wanna QQ sometimes >:
Long time...
yeah once again I pulled a disappearing act.
I do that.
here's some filler art I worked on a long time ago...
School has been a big life consumer lately. I guess I can't complain, it keeps me the right amount busy.
My "Kell inspiration" went off to Basic Training, and so I guess I just feel weird doing more of the comic since he's gone. But he's asked for me to send him my comic. From the beginning so that he won't forget anything.
I printed the entire thing out in book format, taped it all together, and I'm coloring it all in. Crazy things I do for my friends.

Well enjoy!
Aaaaaand We're Back!
Hey dudes! Sorry it's been FOREVER! I had a LOT of tough life stuff to go through! Tell ya about it when I have the time! In the meantime, enjoy the new updates!
Hermes!!!! Omg I love him! You are so awesome- I shall now forever think of this visage when I think of Hermes!
Kell takes the bus xD so he can carry his desktop in his backpack xDD
Well it helps that Lukas' character is named Lan (Lanaeron), and Kells is Kelli xDDD
Lanaeron Smitehamma
Otherwise known as Lan xD
Lukas' character, elf paladin, wimpy tank-ish character haha!
Kell Reynolds
Twenty years of age, so far no one knows if he has a job or goes to school... Biiiiig nerd.
Lukas Benson
Twenty-one years of age, works at a book store called Book Cellar, attends classes at the local community college. A bit of a spaz, and quirky.

Surprise! I put up a filler-like thing for you! On my grad party date too! Aww how sweet am I?
Yes I know the chapter is a bit short, but I have ADD and I wanted to start chapter two xD
Be lookin' for it!
Ahhh, nothing like a return to comic drawing with a page like THIS to mark your return xD
This also falls a little under my "bending video game rules", getting drunk enough to remove clothes etc. xDD
Anyways hope you enjoy!
So this means starting about next Friday I should have a new page for you all! xD
Tomorrow is my grad party and then I have one week left of school before summer vay-cay, but I should be able to at least get one page done! See you next Friday!
I'm sort of bending the rules of MMOs here.. and in the previous page... And in the near future I'll probably bend it further xD
But hey, why NOT have fun with it youknow?
Yes drinking stats. I love em xD
so funny in my opinion! We're getting... so close... to their characters meeting! Can't wait to see Kelli? she's a hoot!
So I put an obscure Buffy Season 6 tribute on this page. if you can find it I love you!
This comic page is actually based on something that's happened to me TIME and TIME AGAIN! it's annoying, but hey, sometimes you forget to log IN TOWN instead of in the FIELD!
Look forward to updates every Friday at noon!
Haha, well it's more like this is the product of staying up late playing MMO's and then having to get up early for work xDD
But yeah, work does sort of look like this for me- Although I don't work at a bookstore, I work at a daycare with little kids (Sort of like customer service I suppose, lots of whining xD)
Hahaha... well then you got it right, she's like an over-dramatized version of me xDD
I personally have not stepped into a shower with all my clothes on- mostly because I hate the feeling of wet clothes against my skin- but I probably would do it if I was semi-manic-depressive xDDDDD
Huzzah for rapid time progression scenes depicting the deterioration of a persons looks when they're not sleeping very well xD Muahahahahahahahaha!
Hey there, how's it going?
Yeah. this was a butt to do. But it was funn =)
Enjoy it or else!