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Can you hear it?
This voice of mine was sucked emptily into darkness
If the world has meaning to it,
Then these kinds of feelings aren't futile
Akogare ni oshitsubusarete akirametetanda
Hateshinai sora no iro mo shiranaide
I began to run, because my feelings, even now,
Are definitely beating against my heart
Kyou no boku ga sono saki ni tsudzuku
Bokura nari no asu wo kizuite yuku
The answer, yes, is always right here
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this should be the new banner
You will never get a living comic from eddi ;_;
J-Jesus christ...
That's hard fucking CORE BRO.
You could just go back like 10 comics in the archive and see that i had a character named kyoki
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EDIT: Also, after a few comics, i will take a bit longer to make pages, because the art will be high quality.
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Enter commands.
I've been using the character name for a year. Hue Hue Hue Hue Hue.
Oh, and fuck you, Abdie, I'll advertise whenever I want.