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Noodles at work
I always wondered at mage-inquisitors using that sword for executions. It seems cruel - no way is that going to be beheading in a single clean stroke.
Can't resist back
@Pangoliath: No such word in latin. Blatio/blatero = babble or balbutire = stutter.

I love growlithe/arcanine, so I hope you're right there! I don't know russian.
I have lived in Australia my whole life and never once been bitten by a spider. Hope you liked your visit, murderous fauna and all!
Kid reminds me of Robin from Qlock's "it's a hard life'. It's the coat.

Are his pokemon actually in their balls now, or just hanging out off screen? I hope that magikarp gets to evolve. He/she deserves it.
..."battle against fierce alien space lizards"...

I'm in.

Hope you get the internship!
Still the best Nuzlocke around.
A+++ forever, would read again.

Excellent pages as always.
This is your comic, do it at your pace.

In the meantime...

This will never leave my favourites.
all of my yes
for the second panel.

I've been following It's a Hard Life for a while now, and I have to say it is a mighty fine comic in every respect - plot, pacing, art, everything.

I like that you focus on the journey and the characters, it makes the violence all the more vivid and unsettling when it does happen.

I love the variety of personalities you have created (my favourite is Cogito <3) and they way they respond to each other.

And I greatly appreciate the massive update dumps. While regular one-at-a-time updates are fine, I really do prefer being able to get a great big chunk of story all at once, even if it means waiting a little bit longer in between(which, by the way, is definitely not an issue with this comic, your schedule is unreal! Major Kudos for that!). So I don't know if it's on purpose or just the way it's worked out, but thanks!

Can't wait to see what happens next :D
heh. 'pokelipses'. ^_^
...whoops. to continue...

ite shirt so far is "...uh oh"
props for the portal reference. My favour