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Kid Garra
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Didnt atty catch a pikachu?

Also for those who think it's awesome to guess the next page...really. Have you read a real manga? Maybe guessing the next chapter is hard...but page by page is well...less hard?
Lol, it's not attys fault. I blame dragonthing!
In the background of panel 2 you can see about 100 beedrills...
my new fav char is trix
lol i was thinking hentai before i read ur comment holy...kinda funny.
Revenge of the caterpie's! Thats what u get for fighting metapods.
Every 3 steps is a battle if u go off the path!
It's been a while since you've posted a color page I'd like to see one soon. :D but im greedy.
$50 is definitely reasonable. Good idea. I'd pay $5 a chapter.
trade it for 5 weedles!!! And have an army of beedrills!

As for forum, going over the top with anything can never end badly. XD
Weedle pops out and escapes only to run into atty and be caught by him. lol

Rapidly pressing b and holding b on the second shake is what I always heard as the way to improve catching odds. lol
Best web comic, once a week I go and look for manga. I read my bleach my naruto and then I go and find my mokepon! Way to go!
Bravo. Can't wait for more.
Kid Garra
January 12th, 2011
1st fan :D I will enjoy your story.
Kid Garra
January 12th, 2011
pretty. :D
No! He is Blue...duh...XD
Here is my Guess
Mr. Masked Guy IS...(and this is just a guess) An elite 4 member, maybe the leader.


After I posted I ctrl+f'd and searched Elite and seen that cedric had said what I said. So I guess, it looks like I'm just copying him...either way he posted
To be honest I would have liked for you to stick to the first 151 :'(

Not that this isn't bad ass...

A bad ass Golduck would have sufficed for the pokemon.
GO SQUIRTLE! You cant lose! oh wait...I mean go dragon thing!

Hi, I was gone for a while but I enjoyed catching back up to everyone!
Lol, I seem to be always a bit late to the reply train. Looks good,don't work your self to death though!