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Hey Hi Hello there!!!!
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I always come back to look at this comic. It makes me sad that this collab just kinda died out :( Schools just perpetually kicking my ass.
Mah behbeh!!! ahaha what a tease. I friggen love your art style Shticky~! Makes me wanna draws stuff, but tumblr has taken over my life.....
I'm pretty much drooling from the sheer attractiveness of this picture....
*drools* I love me some ukes with animal features~!

Lol don't worry about being slow, we're all slow here, you'll fit right in~!
Can I get pregnant from looking at this????
@NinjaPuff: Holy Cheezuz! A comment, that's not from one of the collaborators?!?!?! For you I'll draw smut.... eventually!!! But Thank you so much, let me love you~!
we so excited~!
YEAH! God damn you Glee making me party to "friday". But yeah here's something I whipped up real quick to contribute to the "activenessnessness" of this collab.

*Party Hard*
Oh Gawd! Let me love you VampireFlower!!! you draw some of the cutest effin pages~!
*explodes* how cute. I'm suuuuuuuuuuuuper excited that this comic is becoming active again. I hope to post something too....I just have to stay off of tumblr long enough and I think I can do it.....
Aww~! He's not fat, he's well fed... haha at least that's what my mom calls it. But I'm glad he's here to join us. I'm glad that you broke the stereotype, always exciting to see something new.
They're so cute, I'm gonna die! *dies*

I'm sooo excited for this collab to start moving again!
It's all good my friend. I think school is kicking everyone's asses, so we all understand~!

But I hope, like you said, that during the summer this collab comes back from the dead, because I really enjoy seeing everyone's artwork. Warms my heart.
ShtickyPoPsicle<3: aww poor baby!!! ahahah If I could send you another tablet pen I totally would, well I hope you find it~!
AJ Lin: haha thank you~!

ineko:lawl thank you, I try. And I pray to some lesser God out there that Yumi will grow up to be a sexy beast when he grows up.

ShtickyPoPsicle<3: haha what's up with you are your tablet?? I just beat mine into submission then use it.

chimaera_avon: haha I thought that Jack wasn't getting enough love so I used him in this impromtu uke sleepover. And yes Yumi is a very sexy beast, too sexy as an uke, that's why Dallin doesn't like him much.

P.S. I have no clue why, but whenever I comment I insist on typing out your guys' full names, lmao.
Huzzah, I've finally put up a page after a billion years away!!!!

I saw the last one, of Smexy Oryan, ohbby, and started thinking about Yumi's dad, and this shit came to life, ahaha. But seriously think about it.... really hard....

I borrowed Yumi, Jack, and Pripri, hope I didn't murder their faces...
haha sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxy.
Lawl, you guys make me happy that my mother enjoys yaoi quite a bit, so when i lived with my family she didn't care much when I drew it :D However, she always did get freaked out by the tentacle porn....
December 15th, 2010
:D Have fun in MEXICO~!!!
Lawl, I was wondering why Serj was suddenly thrown into the madness.... and the truth is revealed!!! It's actually Oryan~! lmao
@ShtickyPoPsicle<3: Woah there buddy, careful you might shoot someones eye out.