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Well, I like manga, music, drawing, and reading. I'm terrible in any and all math and science classes. My only good subject is english. I hate my art class because the teacher is annoying, but I love to draw. I have three cats. The oldest is Kittyotto, like the pokemon Pigeyotto, 'cause she used to 'fly' up trees. The second is Mother Iris, at first she was just Iris, but then she had kittens so now I call her Mother Iris. She sounds like a nun. The third is Iris' son, his name is Doctor Jerry Alphons Jenkins. Yes. I like to give my cats people names. Don't judge. XP
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i'm re-applying!! xD
So cute!! >.<
haha! i do that all the time but i don't get sick..unfortunately.. xP yes i try to get myself sick, but it doesn't work!
WOO! okay, first things first, Thanks! ^_^
and thennn...
@ BATTYBRAIN - indeed you are a fast commenter! wow!

@ RIVERXHAKU - ..yes..much better.. xP

@ FIRE GLACEON - yay! let's do it!! xD
So then!
PIERROT: He's kind of weird, in a weird way. He's got this look that looks straight into your soul! It's like he sees everything! I also kind of think he's gay, but I'm not sure..

LEE: Everyone thinks she's so cute.. I hate to admit it, but I think so too. She seems like she'd be frail and stuff 'cause she can't really see with those bandages, but she's actually pretty strong.

GEMINI: Those twins! They need to grow up! Honestly! Enough with the pranks and jokes! Sure this a circus and we're supposed to make people smile and stuff, but they need to cut down on that stuff! They're so immature! I don't like them one bit!

TY: Creepy..but awesome. I love his pointy teeth! They're so amazing! Sometimes I make myself have pointy teeth so we can match.

JAKE: Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

KAROLIN: She's my idol! I love her! She doesn't take crap from no one! So cool! If she were a boy, I would be heels over head in love with her.

TOBI: He's one lucky dogboy. He gets to hang around with Karolin all the time! I would trade places with him anytime! Actually..I do that sometimes..

ROYDE: I don't know man, but people with missing limbs freak me out. He looks like a bowling pin! Like he could just fall over when you brush past him!

WOLFE: She's like a gigantic teddy bear. I like to rub her fur! Especially her tail! So soft!

SIREN: I honestly don't like her. She sits there in that cage feeling sorry for herself. She needs to shut up and get over it. No one wants to hear her crying at night. We all have problems, but we don't bear them out to the world! She needs to stop being so self-obsorbed!

ALI: I don't like him. My feelings toward him are the same toward Siren. He needs to stop feeling so sorry for himself! So he can't die. Boo - freaking - hoo! Some people would think that to be a blessing!

MILLY: I don't know. She's kind of weird. Her hands and feet freak me out.

MOMO: She's got pretty hair! It's so blue and bright! Other than that, I don't really know her. She can't speak, so I don't know.

VINCENT: Creepy! Creepy! Creepy! All those piercings! That isn't normal!

CAMERON: Creeper! Creeper! Creeper! He looks like he's going to just attack someone with his crazy smile! He's always smiling! It was comforting at first, but after a while it just gets so creepy!

PATCHES: He's so cute! But the way he moves it's inhuman!

RAPHAEL: Hmm? Who's he? Is that the thing I saw skulking around the tent at night! *gasp* I thought it was a shadow illusion!

KARA: I may not have a not of flesh, but I still have flesh! I would like to keep what little flesh I have thank you very much. I try to avoid her as much as possible.

BIANCA: Okay, the whole nude thing might be okay to some people, but not to me. She just lets all that hang out in the open! It's unnerving! I mean, I don't have any, and I don't think I can have any since my upper body is gone, and she's just there all VA-VOOM!! Yeah, l avoid her..

RUDRA: Pervert! Pervert! Pervert!

TYKE: Cute but at times creepy. I guess more cute than creepy. It's just, monkeys in general are kind of weird. The whole hands for feet thing is just weird.
dang! my computer got a virus so i had to delete everything, and i totally forgot to back up alice's relationships! Dx now i got to re-do them all! greeeeeat
wow amazing!!
woot! Lucien is smexy!! <3
heck yess man! Unicorns! xD haha

I actually finished her relations ;D I just need to make the draaaawing and post it up ^_^ Should be soon.
and especially the quiet one 'cause she can't talk at all! D:
woot! let's do the time warp again!! xD
heeey! that does fit really well! xD crazy!

but yeah man, Grin is all manipulative and seme! >XD but i'm not complaining xP
xD good creepiness? i guess that's good? lol haha thanks! ^_^
haha xD i imagine it just flops out or just piles up at the bottom of the cage DX ewww dirty, so she's had to clean it out a lot >XD but idk
lol i got inspired by Bridge to Terabithia XP

@ Bree333888
yay! i can't wait to see it!! >.<
Stage Name: Realize
Job/Act: Illusionist
Trademark: From her collar bone to her hips, she has a cage instead of a body. Her heart kind of just hangs there out in the open, so you can always hear it beating. *thmp thmp*
Real Name: Alice Bayless
Age: 12
Gender: female
Personality: Quietly forceful, original, and sensitive. Tends to stick to things until they are done. Extremely intuitive about people, and concerned for their feelings. Well-developed value systems which she strictly adheres to. Perserverence in doing the right thing. Prefers to be unique, non-conforming.
Orientation: Straight
Bio: When Alice was born, she was normal girl, and nothing was wrong with her. That is, until she started to notice things happening. Everything she dreamed, or day dreamed, would seep into reality. It wasn't long until she realized she could make other people see those things as well. Overall, it was a cool trick, and it made all those fantasy creatures real. Alice had unicorns in her backyard, fairies and princesses. Then, one night, she had a nightmare. She dreamed that someone had stolen all of her internal organs, bones included. When she woke up, it was true. She freaked, her parents freaked, and they took her to the doctor right away. But the doctor didn't know what to do, they just said to make her comfortable, which meant she was going to die. Alice's parents did everything they could to make her as happy as she once was, they took her everywhere, wheeling her around in a wheelchair. Then, they brought her to the circus, where she met the Circus master, and asked for her life back. She got it, and left her family behind, to stay confined to the circus.

psst: if you draw her, you can dress her in anything you want. ^_^
that's sexy
it's great! I love Tobi! he's sooo cute! >.<
they're so amazing! XD
le gasp! momo is thirsting for revenge! D:
i actually got scared when i did this page lol
scary momo!