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Oh dear. Poor Kitty
Kantur! Faceninja!


<.< >.>

Well, now I know what it means.
*slow* Wait what?

We had a rulebook?
And now the NPC lies, forgotten.

Like NPCs Should =P.
December 27th, 2007
Hehehe Kitty!
Looking cool =D
need my fix.... need my fix....

Go Phoenix!
Whee! Go Fox!

I mean... Hehe...
But.. Foxes are nice!
IT WILL BE ressurected...

Hmm... Town Autumn Olympics?
Aww... Ok. Hope solutions are found soon.
That's fine Hawkeye. I know how it is to have a computer that hates most of the universe at hand *wacks own PC*
The Llama <=> Dragon Dialoge always makes me smile =P.
=) It is a very cool comic =P.