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I love art, stories, anime, manga, japanese things, computers, summer rain, scarves, ribbons, butterflies, and the Texas sun.

I don't like spiders, most bugs, freezing cold weather, cold water, early mornings, homework, head colds, and spicy food.
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    Sarah (Jink)
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Atticus's face is hilarious! Ember is the best move!
[insert title]
Would you ever have this printed? I think i would love to own it!
Haha, George is like a living pokedex, just spurting off info without thinking. It's so cute!

I can totally hear them speaking in my head in this scene. It's great!
I kind of thinks she should be called Boo though :D It's so cute, like a little puff ball of a ghost! I seriously love these updates, though I was sure she was going to be more upset that he caught her Pikachu :P
February 28th, 2011
Yay! I've missed this comic! I'm happy you are back!
Victory Road
Such a great story!! I can't wait to see more! :D
Ahh!! This is so cute!! I admire your ability to stick with it for so long, as well as the huge improvements you've made!! I cant wait to read more (just read from the beginning)
I actually am starting to feel really bad for Nick. I know he acts jerkish on this page, but I fell like he really likes Chloe >///< But then I kind of don't like him because he is acting jerkish and Chloe and Liam need to be toghether.
How do you pronounce Paola? Is itp like "pow-la", "pay-o-la", "pa-ola" or some other combination?