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I'm glad your alright. =)
Happy to have the updates too!
I hope all is going alright H0ly. You been MIA!

Great strip btw.
we all did what he did. use the pokemon that we don't really want to take the blow.
...that was so cruel... =(
That is too cute. They are bonding. <3
the pikachu sprite looked so ugly in the red/blue versions.
then yellow came out and it was lik(*o*)...pikachuu~~~
the pokecenter was right there! D=
charmander could have been healed. =P
its going to be difficult for kahn to carry 6 pokeballs and elixers, potions, etc. in just his pockets. =D
Could it be that he was making sure the used-to-be Oak's package was okay?
@ Kiwari: I was thinking that too. He did help him with not falling off the last cliff...
but then again, it could be Kahn too. =)
oh no! his journey already has come to an end?!?!?
Nice artwork. Can't wait til the adventure sets off!
Making me miss the RO days...
Black and white is great. =)
"Wrong game" =D
Loving Charmander's expression. =)