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I'm a girl with a few screws loose but nonetheless friendly. I love everyone, unless of course you prove me wrong. :) Writing is my passion! I write a lot of fanfiction, but I do love roleplaying more than anything else. Feel free to hit me up~ <3
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Aha! The plot thickens!

Great comic as always, can't wait to see what happens that when Tommy finds out about Cain
Heyyyyy~ I've been reading this for a while now and just got the compulsion to comment, mainly because I've been (not stalking) sifting through your Y!Gallery and I am inspired!

Anyways, just wanted to let you know how amazing this story is! I can't wait until we can see a little more of Dake's past. (Also, why is Dake's soul yellow, while Tommy's is blue? You would think it'd be the opposite. This is intriguing.)

So I herd you liek roleplais. Totally a shot in the dark, but I think rping with you would be really fun and I'm hella interested! I'm Nosanityforyou on AIM, if you would like to start something :)

I hope my obscenely long comments don't bother you! Ahaha... Keep up the amazing work!
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This khan?
February 1st, 2010
Bahaha. I knew he secretly wanted it. I called it.
January 12th, 2010
Awww, while I'm disappointed that you're taking a break, it's perfectly understandable. I hope you have a restful break! See you next page~

Also, can I just mention how cute and molestable Connor is with curly hair? And don't even lie Connor, you know this is exactly what you wanted.