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I'm an artist and an author as a hobby, not really being very good at either, but it's fun. I'm also into herbs, and brew my own teas. I'm an avid reader, mostly fantasy novels, and can proudly say I own all 14 of Terry Brooks' Shannara novels.
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A jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou..
Awww, how sweet, Evon wants to get Hero drunk so she can take advantage of him. ;3 But seriously, the poor guy does need a break, and this is the perfect opportunity for them to be alone and get closer. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that Cleo will find a way to ruin this.

About the incentive, what can I say? I'm a sucker for a good, sensual pic. As well as a sucker for a cute feline, not to mention a white tiger. And one with ice-blue stripes and eyes? Perfection. Of course, being a white tiger myself, I may be a tad biased. But awesome pic, nonetheless. =3

And congrats on Page #300, Brit! ~hugs~
Merry Christmas!!
Awwww!! That's a very beautiful picture, Brit! I love Evon's blush, and the look in Hero's eyes. It's very romantic. <3

I hope you and Mr. Wax both have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! Or with Belvidier there, maybe I should say a Hoppy New Year? x3

Thanks, Estoc, the same for you too! That goes for everyone else here. I hope everyone here has a very Happy Holidays, and may the coming year be 1000 times better than this one. Hugs and warm wishes for everybody! ~hugs~
RPG geeks, unite!
Wow, I had no idea there were so many old-schoolers here. I haven't had the chance to play a lot of the ones out there (limited money, and no one to play with), but I have played quite a few. Including the original D&D (the one that came in a box, and had a fold out game board with pieces like fireplaces, walls, etc.) on through 3.5. I haven't had the chance to play the 4th Ed yet, but from the looks of it I'll be spending most of the game arguing with the GM. It's waayy too 'fluid' for my tastes, and leaves too much up to the GM to decide (what works with one GM may not work with another, and that really screws up a good character.)

I've also played LG, Paladium, RIFTS, D20 Modern, D20 Future and BESM. I even attempted to create my own game, once. It was fun, but didn't last that long. I was an evil GM, but in a good way. Throwing things in there like Gelatinous Cubes that were allergic to themselves. For every two spaces they moved forward, they'd sneeze and blow themselves back a space. Or things like a Blink Dog with the Hiccups, blind Beholders, etc.

Ah, the memories...

~player roles a Nat 1 on their attack~

Me: "Hmmm, let's see. You fire your Fire Arrows at the goblin, but they bounce off and hit your healer in the chest, setting him on fire and nailing him to a tree. You're so preoccupied by what happened, that you fail to notice that your bow is also on fire, and has set fire to your tunic.

You roll around on the ground to put out the flames, but inadverdently roll into a haystack. The good news is, the ensuing bonfire created by you has frightened off the small horde of Goblins. The bad news is, the house of the Half-Orc who was paying you is now engulfed in flames."

It's my firm belief that Epic Fail should mean Epic Fail. Those Nat 1 rolls need to be memorable, after all. ;3
@ Estoc: I do believe that's a +1 Masterwork Skillet of Righteous Smiting there. And unless I miss my guess, those are the Magical Cutlery of Geoffry the Unimpressed he's holding in his left hand, with the True Strike ability.
A marriage of inconvenience
~chuckles~ Belvidier is easily turning into my favorite character, outside of Hero and Evon. His dry wit and 'we are not amused' face makes me smile every time.

I can't wait for the new site to be fully updated. So far I have absolutely no problem with accessing it, and I really like the site layout. I miss the 'vote' button and the banner, but that's only a minor thing.
Awww crud
A tiger, and he has to be a bad guy. :C Oh well, at least the doorman's a good guy. ;3

I really like the cover art for this, Brit, a lot of detail and excellent shading. Getting the green part of his eyes right must've been a pain, though, with all those shading layers.
Cat fight imminent, I suggest stocking up on band-aids.
I'm guessing that this was just a marriage of convenience kind of a situation. More for her convenience than his, of course. I imagine that, since Hero's family was dead, her father either figured that this was the best way to keep everything in check (and keep Hero out of serious trouble), or she figured that by marrying him she could not only get his lands should something 'happen' to him, but also inherit her father's holdings as well, making her one powerful Baroness.
"I have a bad feeling about this..."
To use a famous quote. x3 And that's just taking Mr. Wax's word for it, as it's still not letting me see the comic. I can see the basic page layout, and the 'Donate', banner, and 'Vote' pics are coming in nice, but the comic is still giving me a broken-image message. ~sighs~

Rated it a 5 anyway, just because I know that if I could see it, it'd deserve the rating.

And the incentive is simply wonderful, Brit. Very romantic, especially with the Sakura (cherry blossom) petals floating around. Now if only we could see them kiss.

EDIT: Thanks for saving the pic for me, but the comic finally loaded so I was able to read it here. I really appreciate what you did, though, as my 'net connection seems to sporadically hate me for some unexplained reason.
Interesting and intelligent title goes here...
Awww, what's wrong with them being naked? It certainly adds to the sensuality of the pic, but it's awesome with them wearing clothing too. x3

Poor Evon. She doesn't seem to get the fact that Hero couldn't just lay back and enjoy this estate. As the head of the household, it was his responsibility to make sure it was run properly. Any houses owing allegiance to his need to be protected, tax needs to be collected, meetings held between him and the heads of the other houses, and things of that nature.

In fact, as the head of a very powerful house, I'd be really surprised if he got to relax much at all.

At least the life of an adventurer offers him solitude, and the chance to be his own man; and not just his father's son. As an adventurer, he'll be judged based on who he is as a person and what he does, not as just the head of a large house.
Evil smile is EVIL!
Happy B-Day, Brit!! You have the same birthday as my aunt. =3 And it's only four days off from mine, on the 29th. I'll be 31 then. GAAHHHH! ~head desks~ I'm so getting old..

Awesome comic today, Brit, as usual. I absolutely love Hero's evil grin in the last panel. ~chuckles~ Makes me wish someone would challenge him, just to see what would happen.

I really like your outfit designs for Hero, Wax, you put a lot of thought into them and it shows. Including the period weaponry and everything. Cool job! ~high-fives~ x3
It let me log in! Yayyy!!!

The comic is progressing very nicely, with an even flow to the story. It's moving fast enough to keep the general readers interested, yet has enough detail to keep us informed. Great job, you two. <3

Being a writer, of course, means my mind's filling in all sorts of details that may or may not be in the plot, but it's a hazard of that particular recreation I suppose. ~shrugs~ Meh.

@ Dillon: Yeah, I noticed that as well. That's one of the aforementioned details that my mind's filling in. ~chuckles~ I've already got this thing plotted out to about three chapters from now. x3 Of course, Mr. Wax probably wouldn't like it if I posted the entire thing (it being his and Brit's comic), but that doesn't stop my mind from developing plot lines. ;3
Dam-it, Jim!
Hmmm, typical tyrannical land-owner. Wants to collect all the resources he can, so he can control more people, to get more resources, to control more people, etc. I really hope Hero does something bad to this guy.

And W00t on the pic of Areth. Definitely not a shy lady, is she? ;3
Finally able to see the comic, YAY!
My internet connection finally decided to stop being a prick and let me see your comic, so I can at last be reminded of the awesomeness that is you. x3

Intriguing story line, here. I can already see several possible paths this could take, which would lead to Herodontus leaving his home. Only about three or four paths at first, but those in turn lead to others, one of which explains how they met my character and ended up having him work for them.

Sorry, curse of being a writer. x3 It's the talent of a good artist and writer that really bring a comic out into the light and pull people in. And you two are among the very best out there, both online and in print.

My hat's definitely off to you. ^^
Finally able to see the comic...
Well, I was finally able to see the comic. :3

Mr. Wax and them were right, Hero's mom is hawt. The teenage Hero is pretty cute, to. Is he over or under 18 here?
I'll take 'I'm not impressed' for 400, Alex..
Heh. Gotta love Belvidier's attitude, here.

And I, like you, sense a flashback a'comin. Yay for getting into Hero's story a little more, though, I've been wanting to see more of that mouse..uhm...I mean see more of his back story. Really. <.<
Actually, a castle can be quite the cozy home, it just depends on how it's built and decorated. If it's designed to just be a large, cozy home, then it'll still feel all warm and fuzzy despite it being a castle.

However. If it's designed from a purely militaristic POV, then it'll be large, cold, imposing, and actually be in at least two parts (the Outer Keep and the Inner Keep) not counting guard towers and walls.

So it just depends on what the castle is intended to be used for, really. Many mercenaries of that time period had small castles and manors as homes/bases of operation. So it's not really that far fetched (at least, not for me) that Hero has a castle.

I'm just expecting a damn talking mushroom to pop up and spout "I'm sorry, your Princess is in another castle." |3
Heh, yeah, I figured that'd be her reaction. I guess the murals depicting Hero and his family, the fact everyone calls him 'sir, the fact that he knows his way around like he was born there, and the fact that he said they were going 'home' mean absolutely nothing.. |3

And Hot Evil Wolfess + Birthday Suit + Blood covering = One hawt incentive pic. x3
I'd say she still wouldn't believe it, even if Hero or someone else spelled it out for her. Classic story, really. She sees someone in a, shall we say, 'less than rich' setting, and the entire time she knows him is in this setting, yet now she sees him entering this lavish castle where everyone knows his name (anyone else getting a 'Cheers' vibe from this? x3 ). It'd be easier for her to accept if it wasn't someone she knew, and even if she won't admit so to herself, someone she's got a thing for.

And poor 'Tin-Tin', the guy can't seem to catch a break can he? ;3 On the bright side, he should just relax and enjoy the view from down there.
Jealous much?
Sweet! Always nice to see fan service of our favorite Ursine. And I can just imagine her shock when she finds out that Hero actually lives there. Then again, she should've gotten the hint when he said they were going *home*, but oh well.

And don't worry about making it up to us Brit, this comic's epic even simplified like this.
Awwww...but...but...I wanted to see Hero nudity! :<

And I love the epic SQUEEEEEE!! she gave out at the sight of the bath. x3