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I'm 16. I read waaay too much. Draw even more than I read, most likely. ANd I'm inlove with fairtales and mythology. :p
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YES!! Sunny! It's the best freakin' name in history!!! XDDDD
@SilverHyena: Hmm. Good point. xD
Oh my
Best. Way. To greet. Friends. EVAH!!!!!!!!! xDDD
@SilverHyena: Yeah. A "little". xD
Oh God. The penis artifact. Whatever could go wrong when something important is shaped like a penis? xDD
Wow he's jumpy. Like...Prison bitch jumpy. O_O
I was wrong. xzD
dang. Now Naoll is gonna pout.
@SilverHyena: I get the feeling that after this, Naoll will fianlly be able to sing "I Just had Sex~" xDD
Cuteness...Overload...*head exdplodes*
He can barely look at him in the face now!!!! xDD
Oh God
I can't stop laughing now. xDD
Pifo is just....xDDD
Amil didn't help any
@Youmitsumi I know. I was joking. I figured that's what the black stone thingies were. XD
Now, everyone imagine how freaked out and disappointed Naoto's going to be when he wakes up. And realizes none of it was real. He'll never be able to look Kuro in the face again.
@whutnani: Haha. Yeah...My mind works in strange ways. Kuro might not be...Might...xDD
@whutnani: ...Practice thing? O.o
@SilverHyena: Figures. xD
If I were Naoll, I would've said 'we had sex' just to see Percy freak out even more. xD
And poor guy. He got rejected...
...Did she end up choking on the fly? D:/
@SilverHyena: That would be funny to see. But that still doesn't explain how the ended up naked....xDD
You know, this thought just struck me when he says 'I can actually feel his touch'. What if the 'real' Kuro snuck into his house and is doing that to Naoto in 'real life' and Naoto is just dreaming reality? O_O
Westley and and...Dear God I can't think of her name...Anyway! They might be one of the cutest couples on here, but Pea and Habel probably cause the most chaos. And most of it is because of Habel. xDD