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@Alienoid: It's the hair and also his diaper. He looks a bit chubby to me. MMZ Zero is more feminine in terms of body type. Know what I mean?
The Zero vector looks ehhh but its still good. How about you do classic Zero and MMX?
this is kawaii
im diggin the chocobo sprite.
@baryltdf: eyyy bary's spittin truth yo, ya'll listen to him.
could you make him look less like gyro man?
It just feels like they're not putting any effort into Megaman games anymore. Like they felt that when Inafune quit, that they might as well milk the character dry with anything they can muster up without an honest attempt. The design is quite nice, but I still don't like the game.
protoman.exe or maybe shooting star rockman.
I had just forgotten about this creepy pasta. Thanks for reminding me. Now I don't have to go to bed anymore. :D
His eyes are kinda hard to tell apart from the helmet. Still pretty boss, though.
oh gosh this show. i had a crush on jenny for the longest time.
pretty rad, bruh. do phantom, PLEASE. he's my favorite :3
like bary said.
the lightest shade of red bothers me but all in all pretty good, bruh.