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Hawkeye. I'm addicted now. COME BACK!!
The Feud
No, no. El J's right. She has it coming.

Awww...... poor Wukei.
Will it float?
I'm saddened that "Does it Float in acid" didn't catch on bigger in the Town.
cliff hanger
You can't stop there! What happens to the llama?
Hhehe. I wonder whatever happened to that liver.
Ah, this takes me back. I laughed so hard when this was going on. Thank you, Hawkeye!
OH NOES!!! What will happen to our hero??
I'm going totally start yelling "Sneak Attack. Wooly Embrace" more often in Town.
This looks like it was a very entertaining fight. Thank you Hawkeye for bringing it to comic life.
placing bets
So..ummm...who wins in a Booze Golem vs a Drunken Master fight?
I agree with Exy!! Ah, Paladin Lykan vs Sai...that dragon. That poor palace never knew what hit it.
melting walls
HAHA!! I remember that. Those were good days. The melty destruction of the house of Sneak.
Thanks, Hawkeye. I'm still amazed that people even noticed that post, let alone that it received the attention it did. Thank you for illustrating it.
Smite him!
Come on...smite the cat god. You know you want too.

hahaah. Manliness and Metrosexuality.
Angel of Death
Well, she wishes she was. Poor lass, at the mercy of the cat god she'd love to strike down dead.
Its his favorite drink! The llamanade is a close second.
Darn Balthor
GAH! HIM! I remember him. Fortunately,I got him more often than he got me.

Thanks for the heads up on a new comic, Hawkeye.
September 30th, 2006
Fedex lite
I love how so many RPG's have you playing Fedex. Deliver this to so-and-so, and when you get there so-and-so asks you to deliver something else to whats-her-face.

anyway, Boo, I said I'd pester you on Half-wit until that avatar was completed and I try to be an omnivore of my word.
for the money or the ale
Keep going, Boo. Don't let Saithis win!