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Well, Im not much of an artist, But I do like to draw and practice the art of ceramics. I love manga to read manga, Play videogames and be lazy.
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You know what is weird, my first thought was to scream " Use your lazar-beam eyes!!" But I came to the quick realization that vampires do not have lazer beams, but that would be one interesting vampire. And I will look into that book you suggested, I always like a good read.
I could hug you right now, at my summer job most of my coworkers are twilighters and it's nice to hear about a REAL vampire for once. (No offence to Twilight fans it just gets annoying after about the 90 billionth discussion about effing Twilight.)
True but Dream blood can be murder on dream clothes.
Uh... Drake needs some hand sanatizer. But I'm afraid it's not going to be effective.
My emo moment senses are tingling.
I agree killing children is not somthing anybody should do but neither is genoside. XB
LOL after all of that the only thing she thinks about is that he killed a child.
This is true, but it still does not make George any less than a giant butt hole.( in my point of view.) But George showed his cowardly side through attacking the dragons while in their meeting rooms where they cannot transform or cast magic of any kind. It is indeed a tactful endeavor but it is nothing to be praised.
I have come to realize that George is kind of like a Hitler for dragons. He killed the dragons for being dragons nothing else. Even though they have really done nothing to humans maybe they have harassed a human or two but from what I've read nothing major. And George has the balls to say your race shouldn't live just because you're different from us. Maybe in his after life his room will be filled head to toe wall to wall with dragon paraphernalia.
You know what would be ironic if George got to Heven and was sent to Hell for genocide.
You know what would make this page even better? If Drake was wearing a top hat and a monocle and twirling an evil mustache.
Whyyyyy T_T he is too beautiful to die!!
Awwww brotherly love.
No in fact I find that pretty funny myself. But I don't think his name should be George after he becomes a torso, Drake should throw George and into a lake and rename him Bob.
Oh no Confilct!! How about Drake takes all of his limbs and he gets to live.
Burn him alive! Burn him alive!Don't hold back Drake show that ass-hat the power of your LAZAR!
Holy poop on a crap-stick that is one hell of a "I will punch you in the soul!" face from Drake in the 4th panel xD
I belive the current score is Drake:2 George:0 Hell Yeah!!
I love George's face in the second panel. ABSOLUTLY PRICELESS!!! xD It's the best Huh Wahhhhhhhuuu?????? Face I've seen in ages. And Drake's face makes it look like he's saying some cheesey combat pun in his head like " Would you like a side of Bitch-slap with that can of whoop ass?" xD