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Well, I am just some random being in the world. Trying to make ends meet. I was a security guard till recently. Now I have gone back into trucking. But yeah, I am just some trucker who tries to find time to type up his ideas while using every waking hour to deliver......what ever is in the trailer at the time.

When I am not getting lost and being accused of destroying the environment from people who are unloading Playstation 3's off my trailer, I like to type when I am in the mood. Though usually I like to just relax, type, and even play some video games.

Not sure what else to say at this point. But I figured I may as well put more up than the very short sentence, promising to give more info later.

Most of the earlier stories I typed up was based loosely around myself and/or others I knew. I spend my teenage and adult life in Washington state. Though I am a Pacific Islander. Mostly grew up back and forth on the islands of Guam and Saipan. Either way, obviously, these stories so far focus around towns north of Seattle, Washington. I love that place, despite the fact I moved away recently in November, 2010.

Ah well, I hope you all enjoy.
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December 30th, 2018
Well, here we go with a new chapter. Once again, Monday and Friday for now. Hope you all enjoy. :-D
@Blackspots: She is following behind him. :-)
@texan1972: Oh yeah, well, Shandra is not clear on how this works. Jason is letting her know how it usually goes, but isn't expecting her to follow it to the letter. He's just caught off guard.
@Lt. Dan: She sure is. Though she's actually a really tall rat. :-D
February 28th, 2016
Well, here we are. A new arc. Hope you all enjoy. Shifting gears a bit after the last arc. Updates will be the same as last time. Monday and Friday. :-)
February 5th, 2016
Well, hope you all enjoyed this story. I wanted to go for something on the lines of "No Heroes" or something like that. This is one of those stories that I was not real happy with that I ended up adding more to the story in hopes to make more sense out of what was happening. I don't know if I succeeded. BUT I have noticed the story getting a rift between two camps instead of just having one camp being the supreme over the original, shorter story. So I think I did good there.

Now for the next story, it's currently being worked on. But once it's done and given to Seth...and he get the time to draw them, we'll be on Hiatus till then. I really was trying to avoid this. But life is...busy. Super busy. Anyway, thanks all. Check back in one month, that would be the latest.
December 28th, 2015
@texan1972: Hard to tell, but she basically tossed the gun into the house that caught fire earlier.
September 14th, 2015
@ladybug: I feel bad for the late reply. But thanks for the kind words. :-D
@texan1972: Her reflection. A hint on some of her issues.
@texan1972: A touring motor bike.
@texan1972: Not sure either. But I have met people in the past who felt they are good enough to be physiologist. If it was me, I would find it annoying. Used to find it upsetting. But nowadays, I just feel people will think what they want to think. And obviously Nikki isn't phased by it. Which is good...they already are on her bad side from earlier.
Well, here we go. A new story is up and ready. Though this time it will be on Fridays only each week. It may change once there's a good amount lined up and ready.

So here's the next story. I hope you all enjoy. :-D
Well, that's it for now. Sorry for being evil, but we'll get back to this really soon. Got a lot of chapters written, though what's the hold up is on my end. I plan on re-writing the next couple of chapters to see if I can make it into one. Either way, with me being on the road for a living don't make it easy. But I swear, this is not over. But it's definitely a hiatus for the time being till I get that done and turned in for the artist to work on. :-)

OR maybe I'll just do another James arch....wait, I need to re-do his stuff too to make it flow....yeah...nevermind.

Be right back as soon as we can. :-D
@texan1972: Yeah, it's something I figured was best to not have out. I'll just say Devin said something snarky about her and her "friends". And she obviously didn't like it.
@texan1972: Bill is good/bad with giving mixed messages.
Never good to sleep in uniform. Wrinkles it up badly. I guess this is a sure sign he's got no life outside of service. But hey, if somebody going to break into his home...may as well be dressed for the part...if he wakes up in time that is.
Ah, I can relate to what he's much as I can relate to this talk with my own sister. Standing out can be a perk and a curse at the same time. Blending in also have a few down sides. But at least blending in means you won't attract any unwanted trouble. Especially when you look like the type the trouble want to target.
September 28th, 2014
Well, this is the end of this arc. I hope this was good. Granted, I am sure there's probably a few things left unpleasant. But things will come around eventually.

A new arc is currently being drawn up by Seth and getting a buffer up. SO, please check back on the 3rd of November. :-)
Oooh, he got her to smile. He probably helped out more than he realized.
@Guest: LOL, as if those guys want to give up their supply of Mountain Dew. The guys I used to hang out with held onto their supply like as if it was gold. They'll offer what ever else they pitched in for others. But Mountain Dew....don't touch the Dew. Get your own, heh.