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I sold my soul to the open road, and thatll be the downfall.

8B I toke and read yaoi, I have no lifeeee.
haha, well i lied, I have a fuckin amazing life kind of...
Grindcore and Deathmetal shizzz is amazing<3

Drawing, Yaoi, Marijuannna, Music, Friends, and Epic adventures is all I needd. No regrets are allowed, but they happen.

Hopefully ill have a comic up soon :P
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December 13th, 2010
i say that about my life all the time. seems like me and him do the sameee exact shit...cept the dome thing lmfao
September 19th, 2010
is my friend Bryans myspace last name lulllll
September 14th, 2010
his hair is so far the most epic of things in that tribe lol
September 14th, 2010
gawddddddd native americans are soooo sexy and sooo hard to find D:
brought to be part one hehe
Oh myy...
soooo, i think mitch just might be interested in Ryle... :o uh ohh
ohH! ohh! i think a certain someone might be interested >w>
Hehe thanks for the welcome guys!
maybe Mitch would like to be a victim >w>
i love your comic and the fact that it has a plot!
sex all the time is boringgg
oh shit.
This is my first post :* goes >_>

Hello everybodyy!~
My name is Mitch and im a transfer from Osaka!
Im 17, 6'2",single &&looking(;
My mom is Japanese and my dad German.
My gauges are 1 1/2 inches and i have 13 piercings (cheeks, tongue, eyebrow, snakbites, angelbites, double eyebrow, right nipple and prince albert ;p)

I love body Modifications and surfing is my favorite hobbie. I try to surf every chance i get!
I like to play the uke and seme role depending on the guy[;
Dont be afraid to greet and give me a hug and kiss ^^
If i was Benji i wouldve gotten my hands on every surface of that mans body @_@
lol oh myy~
the way you draw yuur eyes are so intense 0.o
like everyone else said, i fucken love how attached Jameson is to Tommy already, hes so nice to him its so cute! heeh xD
oh my goodness.
The third panel is beautiful.
good workk ^^
February 23rd, 2010
awwwww, makes me think about how much it still sucks to be single! haha
lo ldont cut your hairrrr!~ just brushittttt! ahha
SOMEONE has a fetish for nice asses lull
Sooooo do i, i wish i had boobiess. haha
*is ready for next page D<*
Oh myy...
I feel my comment virginity getting lost and a nose bleed coming on....oh oh incestt<3~