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So... I'm someone who was born in snow storm in Finland at 1986. I'm dysletic and freeky, and I love to eat spicy food with and without garlic. And I don't like to grow up, and I hope I will acctually know how to draw someday. :3 I love writing and reading comics and stuff, and mewtant is my dearest baby at the moment, of course if I ever get real babys they will be more important, but you know what I mean. ^^' And I HATE to wash dishes. xD
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    Tiia Forsman
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I have officially fell in love. <3
Peter, get yourself a brain cell.

Gibson, I love you. :3
This has to be the absolute awesome/lulwut/gasp factor. 8D Your genious. <3
I wait for the moment when Peter will realise that he's standing outside of his room half naked.

He sure isn't too fast, but yet, that is what makes him adorable. xD
BUSTED! >:3 *pokes Peter*
xD Kids. <3 It's the adults who dirt this world, oh how much better world would be if we would just stay as kids? xD
Teeheehee, teeheehee. x3 *is quite sure she's on track*
Well, atleast she got some additude. xD
10 points for Mulligans shirt. Time to kick some ass. :D
... My little brother would do just that.
Well she's being quite a cockroach, isn't she? :3
"... and get yourself a better dialog!"
Oi voi, pääsi lol. :D Aivan ihastuttava sivu. <3 Ihanat ilmeet.
Oh don't worry, I have thumbs up for you! \o/ I think I couldn't do anything either in your place. x3 I hope they like you're work.<3
Har har, Löysinpäs! >:3 *stalkkaa*
OMG, it's a infamous pepperspray! 8O Run, run for you lives! \o/

Page looks awesome. ^^
Don't worry hun, we will be there. :3 And it'äs good that you realized that you need the rewrite the whole thiung before you had done 100 pages. ^^' I wish you luck! \o/
Why oh why? D: I wanna hear it!

Poor Peter, hours of work wasted. ._.
Poor Patrick. xD


I'm sure I would be Whiney.
What, A-? I would give a full A. :D Darn.
I could start to use those rules in my own apparment. Allmost.