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Hiya guys~ I'm Stormrose! I'm a teen artist, not professional or anything, though it is a great love of mine, along with writing. I've got a few comics planning, most of them BL, so plan on seeing them soon. My only currently-running project is "Voice" which updates weekends.
Also a non-ticklish person
I will be using that Twister trick at the next available opportunity. Although with my luck, they'll fall on me =A=;;

lol, love Sam's face in that last panel xD
November 13th, 2012
@AsianIdiot16: Think Gen would do it for him? <_<
Blood... Bad time to go hunting. Someone really needs to get you a pocket calendar though. xD But it's okay honey, I'm bad about dates too.
October 31st, 2012
Arin! asdfghjkl; brave little guy. I like protective-mode Arin. :)
Though, I'm sure this is a bad idea... Creeley's such a creeper. >_>
Snuggable Hurricane looks so cuuute~ x3 Too bad real hurricanes aren't as nice...

But, yay! Return to updates!
TJ, he is totally scheming with TJ. xD
October 18th, 2012
Is it sad that the only places i've seen him is Tommy's flashbacks and your dA comics, but I've been waiting for his entrance into the story? xD he's such a cutie~
I'm greatly amused that Scarrow is the shortest of the bunch. :3 And likes birds. asdfggjkl; the budgies are so cute. (always wanted birds, but my dad doesn't like them. //random)

Also: am I the only one who finds it slightly endearing that Guthlac stops (or seems to stop) feeding when Scarrow tells him to? Not sure if the next page is going to dash those feels against the rocks, but it seems like that from where this page left off. Almost like he's still retained more of his humanity than he's given credit for.
Missed the update last week, and due to some minor insanity from marching band (I had events Friday, Saturday, plus a drum corps practice today), I probably won't finish the page for tomorrow either. Q~Q Sorry <3

In the mean time (while I hopefully get this page done) have a doodle of Moth and Hikaru being cute and kissy. Also failed at perspective again (asdldjfn Tim's hand what is that) but it was just a doodle, and I wasn't really paying close attention. ^^;
September 25th, 2012
Aw, what is it that you don't like about RIP now? :'C

I really love this page, by the way~ hehe, master of understatement, your Kaze. Only got a little carried away there.
Proof that I'm weird late at night
Well, it's eleven minutes into Monday my time.
An actual update may or may not come. I've had a shitty week and weekend and I'm not really feeling up to drawing, or anything really. Especially not the homework that I'm suffocating under. ugh.

Anyway, I'll try my darnest to keep updating regularly, but I'm feeling really messed up lately, and I don't know what's the cause of it. School, home life, social life (or lack thereof)...

hahaha, well, screw that. I'm not tired. I don't want to do homework or draw or live really, so I'm gonna go bury myself in some Homestuck and pretend I don't exist for a while. Wow, that sounded really whiney and pathetic. Sorry, I shouldn't rant to you guys, but thank you guys so much for reading this. <3 You've really no idea how happy it makes me to see the fan count when I do anything with the comic. You guys are amazing, and you make me feel kinda cool, even though I'm like the nerdiest screw-up ever. Thanks guys. And Kudos to whomever read this whole thing. xD yeahh... I'll shut up now.

Oh, and the filler is of the main characters from Voice: Moth and Hikaru, whom we've met already. Later, we'll meet Sonja, Tim's sister, and Alex, their best friend.
September 11th, 2012
@AsianIdiot16: xD That is a stray mark that I didn't notice. Should be fixed now.
September 10th, 2012
Boring page
OMG this last week killed me.
Ugh,this page was rushed, and I made it ~just in time~ to update still on Monday. It sucks. I'm really not proud of this page.

How do I art?
*a* that last panel~
September 3rd, 2012
First Monday update~ :)
Sorry for the lazy food-porn. Dx I wanted to do a good job with it, but school and work has made me tired. TT~TT I'll do better in the future I hope. It was kind of fun to draw, even though I'm not so good at it. :3
New Update Schedule
Well, first of all: like it says on the page, I finished page 2.008, so go back a page to see it all prettied up and non-sketchy~ :D

Onto business...
Some of you might know, but I started my senior year of high school on Monday. (yikes!!) This semester is going to be particularly difficult, because, due to the way my course schedule fell, I have a semester of ENTIRELY advanced placement courses.
This quite possibly makes me crazy.
I'm also in my school's marching band. And since our performances are always every football game--which means every Friday--my current Friday updating schedule isn't going to work so well.
I am planning to continue regular updates to the best of my ability! I've got a heavy workload, as well as some additional art projects with deadlines, but I don't want to disappear on you guys~ <3 If I ever need to go on hiatus, I promise I'll make it as short a break as possible and I'll let you all know.

So, from here on out, Voice will be updating Mondays. This helps me out, so I don't have to scramble to make sure I get the update in on time on Fridays, and it gives me the weekend to finish up pages in case I don't have enough time during the week.
lol, what's with people misunderstanding what he's doing? First the "bird-watching", now the "crossword puzzles"... tsktsk.

I'm kind of curious as to how important Guthlac is to this whole Scarrow-Fidus-Arin thing. If he had anything to do with Fidus being a spy.
And what exactly his feelings are for Scarrow... I'm not sure if Guthlac is simply intrigued by Scarrow, and fascinated by him because of Scarrow's extreme dislike for vampires, or if all our fangirl feels are right and he fancies Scarrow. xD Or both. That's always possible.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this comic~ Archia dear, your storytelling if simply fantastic!
August 24th, 2012
Finished now~
If anyone cares for the old sketched page, I might have left it lying somewhere around here.
Oh Tommy. I love his explanations.
Very educational for our inexperienced little Dake~
August 20th, 2012
I love his face in the last panel. x33 He looks ready to kick some ass.