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I apologize in advance if I fail to create something worth reading.
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Hey there!
New page! It was basically done for a month, but I didn't know it, so I just added the text (which I barely remembered, and had to decipher months-old shitily scribbled notes)
Anyway this page gave me hell and I've been disliking it for a while, so I am just going to post it and move on, and hopefully improve. To those who are still reading, and anyone new, thank you very much, and to those who got fed up with my delays, thanks for giving it a try and I am sorry I couldn't keep up! I won't give up though, even if it takes my whole life to complete. I've never completed a comic, so I'm determined.. >'_'<
Enjoy this (stupid) page <3
I apologize for this not being a for real comic page. I seriously started the page a few days ago though! Plus! I've always wanted to do a filler! And Haze really....wears blue a lot... o_o'' I didn't even mean to..

Honestly I just really want to make this something I'm proud of, even if it's practice, and the story I was going to do for action before was too slow for shounen so I came up with a better (hopefully) story, which fits shounen more I think!
orz I'm sorry (I'm babbling) I just... I'm just so bad at making manga.. I wish Pen could take over for me for real.. haha..

And to those who've left comments here! Thank you so very much! I cherish every single one, really! I reread them like a weirdo and they make me grin (but my smile is more of a smirk haha (-v-'') )
Thank you!!!
Weird hand shock! Wear rubber gloves at all times!
Haze just gets girlier as I draw him. Cappi is really annoyed at being called Kappa~ :D
So school started last week.. I haven't gone on the computer for a week i think.. Gotta read all the comics that have updated!! (`A`) Man I'm gonna start cracking down on this comic, because I've really been winging it plotwise, and I think I have a clear(er) idea where it's going.. :D I hope.
At least I got better at drawing Haze :T
If a teacher came into your classroom this way, what would you do?
The students look startled, but they're actually pretty used to this by now. They have an eccentric teacher.
Best kind, yes? :D yes.
You guys.. You guys... I have nothing to say... lmao.. I'm so late.
GDI they're literally sparkling with manliness auughhhnghh
The mind-reading substitute teacher's name will be revealed next page. For now you can think of him as a creep.
Lol I love this your style is so cool XD
deadline x me = fail
YOU GUYS. Sorry. ouo
m(_ _)m
But I totally am being good now... I have the next like, eleven pages mapped out. Totally. TuT Aren't I good?
Benji.. was that Jessica's? :D
Hey. Sup. I'm late again.
You guys should totes read this comic. It's by this awesome chick I know. (I'm gonna be so embarrassed if she finds out that's how I describe her) Updates maybe every day I think :D totally.

About the page: I used tones with seriousness this time... Dude, when (if) the shoujo chapter comes around, I'm gonna have a bitch of a time with all the bubbly tones... maybe I'll just fill it up with flowers like in this sweet comic which is here for no reason other than to maybe (hopefully) have something to talk about with you guys.. ;_; :
I like Wolfee's shorts in that last panel.
LOL his hair makes so much sense now :D
LOL maybe your mom is calling you Lambo.
Goodness, it feels like quite a while since I drew a page! Can't believe it was only two weeks... WHAT AM I SAYING??!! TWO WEEKS IS MUCH TOO LARGE A GAP!! I'll have to work harder from now on... It's just that I've actually TRIED with my homework lately and so that takes a couple hours away from my freetime. It is still inexcusable for this late post.

I think I write too much here... T_T -lies down on floor in shame-
I also had to make another page because the last one had like, six words on it. (lol not even)
I think I like coloring these pages a lot... I have to find something else for Haze to wear now... I like him in this darker blue shirt, but I think he'd look nice in black too...
I really look forward to making and posting these pages, even if a handful of people read them. I'm so grateful for those few though <3
Sup guys? It's finally nice today, after all the wind and rain. I like rain, but with wind, it gets a little mean. I hate gettin wet, y'know..
I appreciate/love(in a friendly way) you Mirazie! everyone else wrote long comments I feel lame. XD
OH HEY LOOK! See? I can draw normally. Not all sketchy...
It's still pretty sketchy though. orz
LOL so this time, I really was actually pretty busy.. but only like the past two days... I never really do homework, and it was like, killing my grade more than usual so I'm like OH SHIT I GOTTA WORK. So I wrote this whole essay in a few hours and did like, four math assignments and etc.
It was pretty windy today.
How are you guys? :D feelin good? You're all totally rad for giving this comic a try. TuT