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OMG John
Oh my goodness I didn't expect that to happen. Yiiiiiikes!

Sounds like they need to invest in a proper futon!
Aww this was a cute update. Ein is a friendly guy and this is sweet.
This is sweet!
Hehehe Ein seems like a really cool dude. I almost thought they were siblings for a second. And also that's awesome that this is sort of a cameo for Ein the great artist!
Cruising for a bruising?
@Jim Nickabocker: Heh this might hurt, but we'll see. I'm really, really curious to see what happens.
@Xero: LOL good point, good point.

This is quite a novel concept!
Aww that's so sweet
Heheheh I know she's a big ol' softy. I love this dynamic between them.

Well as long as they stay on soft surfaces it's OK. But that's definitely an unusual gimmick!

The boss seems like a real jerk.
dat end cuddle
Ohhhhh that is so adorable, right in the feels there. And wow, hahaha John was very ambitious. I hope they get enough rest! The match ought to be fun.
Adorable from start to finish
I loved all the lighting effects by the way from Tailsteak, and the gentle transition.

But wow, all these relationships give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. I like all the positive interactions, I really love the dialogue (a dudebro biting off more than he can chew is one of my favorite situations). And of course, Isis in low light, fantastic! Well done!
This is such a wholesome and fun page. Also heh I just get a huge kick out of the "God, I love when you talk nerdy" line.

Nice learning more about John's approach to life though. Lot of sweet compliments. And he is a handsome lad too, hope he does see that.
Everything about this is fun
Ahahaha I love John's interactions so much. It's adorable how supportive he and Roxy are of each other. It's quite a ragtag group. Love that Yosha moonlights as a lifeguard.

The Baywatch reference is quite fun.
@Jim Nickabocker: Very well done, and it's a good relationship. I like the little interactions here. I look forward to the next update!
Really nice update.
Sebastian is really staying on the right side of the line for now and that's good.

Also, sick minibus! I remember seeing those quite often back in the day.

This is a really fun time, and heh I like John's complex dialogue to just describe going to the beach.

The awkwardness is pretty fun too. Well done!
Lots of joy
I love this page all around, from Iris' firefighter carry to the dialogue about being pounced. John missing from the next-to-last frame is hilarious and well-composed. Very well done!

Such a ragtag cast, which is a lot of fun. Thanks for this.
OMG this is adorable
These two are really adorable companions. Also John's practicality is refreshing; it's always advisable to have a fire extinguisher.

Heh heh Iris is feisty but this sounds like a fun outing.
The feels...
This one really hit hard. It's pretty sad.

John's pretty chill though given that his mom asked his friend to look after him, in earshot. I know a bunch of people would find that embarrassing. He's a really cool guy.
Oh wow...
Wow this is heavy. I hope there's some recourse for this.

Iris is so awesome.

Also, gg Luis, you really screwed it up.
What a guy!
I'm guessing his nickname is "Yolo!"
Well done!
This was an incredibly adorable page. And awwww Irene is such a sweetie, and she is definitely someone who is open-minded, and that's awesome. Refreshing way to handle a parental character too. And ahahaha there's another John/Iris shipper out there it seems!
Soooo very sweet
Awww I loved the cuddly bits in this. This is a great tribute!
Well played
Heheheh those ogres look pretty dapper, just sayin.' This is quite a fun page.