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Just an educator from Buffalo, NY USA
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    Seth C Triggs
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This is gonna go well!
Heh this is quite a fun setup though!
Fun update, heh
I always am enjoying the dialogue here, and loving the little quirks like "Phantom Eradicators."

What the heck did Max and Roxanne do, were they YOLOing somehow?
A very pleasant page
And this is so lovely, seeing people mend their relationships. Very well done.
I am happy for this
It is a good group and a nice ending. Also I enjoy the composition of these panels.
Cute update!
Heh I seem to have missed this one but yeah I think this is working out. The yacht was a big surprise for me.

Looks like a good crew!
What a positive development!
John is such a sweetie. And yaaaaaaaay we get to see John's mom again! I'm happy about that.

This is a wonderful update.
Dang that was heavy
It was very bleak at the end that last panel, actually thought-provoking too. Good for Zoey and John. And this is really some interesting backstory interwoven in. Well done, well done!
This is so awesome
A stunning victory. But now I am hoping for closure. So we will see.
Heh cute costumes!
Nice little daydream sequence too. That's well done!
Dang Iris!
Very protective indeed. Well I hope John goes well. But wow, I give Heather credit for being transparent about being shitty.
OMG I got the feels
Wow Iris is a great friend. And wow the ex does seem like quite a jerk. Seems like a lot of effort to treat John like this. I hope that it's all just a misunderstanding. Really sad to see this sweet guy out of sorts.
Hehehe this is so cute
John is so adorable, just gotta say. And what a way to get into a band. He's probably a really evocative performer.
This is so sad...
I'm glad at least he got to go to the concert.

Wow, the laughing at him discovering her in flagrante, that was *chilling.*
It's so jarring to see John like this. But wow looks like some heavy emotions and maybe some hard feelings here on this.

Also wow Roxy that was pretty messed up.
Heh that's a wild ride
Also LOL on Iris's line.

This ended really shockingly well. I am thoroughly impressed.
Looks legit!
This is going just as crazy as I expected! Thankfully he's not the "hollowed out skulls" kind of scientist so I reckon they'll be OK!
This is going to be great
Also it's great that Iris is genre savvy. I like that quite a bit, hahaha! Very much fun.
So wholesome!
I am really enjoying the dynamic of this group, and this is such a kind gesture in the game.
This was pretty romantic and I'm glad it turned out so well in the end!
If there's a fantasy equivalent of "get dunked on"
...this would be it. Wow!

This is really a fun update, gotta say. And yeah I've had those kind of bad roll/RNG days all the time.