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Heh that's a wild ride
Also LOL on Iris's line.

This ended really shockingly well. I am thoroughly impressed.
Looks legit!
This is going just as crazy as I expected! Thankfully he's not the "hollowed out skulls" kind of scientist so I reckon they'll be OK!
This is going to be great
Also it's great that Iris is genre savvy. I like that quite a bit, hahaha! Very much fun.
So wholesome!
I am really enjoying the dynamic of this group, and this is such a kind gesture in the game.
This was pretty romantic and I'm glad it turned out so well in the end!
If there's a fantasy equivalent of "get dunked on"
...this would be it. Wow!

This is really a fun update, gotta say. And yeah I've had those kind of bad roll/RNG days all the time.
This was an awesome update
I love, love, love when hypocrites get read. And it's good that Jo is open to change too. I guess the 'predator became the prey.' Hope that his mind continues to be opened.
That cuddle was so sweet, so wonderful! Iris is so cuddly.

And nice little update on Ellen and Jamie too. They're adorable as well.

What a wholesome update!
Oh Max, don't ever change
This all was delightful and OMG John called Sebastian hot. So many things.

That embrace of Iris holding John made me melt. I really hope they will cuddle or something, because OMG. That looks so wonderful.

LOL "human megaphone."

Also LOL on Max doing the facehugger bit.
LOL nice cameos
Ahhhh that's amazing stuff.

John pay up that $30 now!

Glad Sebastian caught up to Iris. but wowwwww next time you folks need to wear ponchos!
'twas amusing anyway.
@Jim Nickabocker: Well said. A nice idea, who knows, maybe I could sketch something one day. Heh...also Iris tie your bloody shoes!
This is a great update
Iris looks really cute wet, and Max seems to agree. LOL early birthday present.

Too bad Iris don't swing that way Max. Too bad LOL.
Hope they have transit!
@Jim Nickabocker: Not gonna lie, this chase is kinda romantic.
I hope she knows which friend too!
Hahahahah I can't say it would not make John just as blushy seeing her wet, glistening in a tank top and workout pants!

Well done, Iris!

I do dig her fashion. And Sebastian is a good friend.
Sweeter than I expected
More practical than I expected, but wow they definitely need some communication once they cool off.

The way John is holding the kitty is so friggin' cute too.

I hope this all works out!
Awkward enough to have to go to a motel? Yiiiiikes.

The lack of talking is definitely not a good thing. I would've hoped that "I'm sorry," would've been enough if it were such a bad thing. I am hoping this works out so much...

Heh it's fun to see Max.

And a "Sorry I saw you naked" card is pretty hilarious.
Ahahahaha I busted a gut at this.

Some seriously nice compositions and that's not even just because Iris is hot to me. But hahahaha that's awkward in a good way.
What kinda cowboy runs this outfit
Wowwwwww that's how you get people killed! That guy is a clown.

Glad at least John ought to have help with the recovery but yikes. That was a huge surprise.
OMG John
Oh my goodness I didn't expect that to happen. Yiiiiiikes!

Sounds like they need to invest in a proper futon!
Aww this was a cute update. Ein is a friendly guy and this is sweet.