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Just a guy from Buffalo, NY USA
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    Seth C Triggs
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OK this is some peril
Like, yiiiikes!

I do dig the robber's distinctive watermelon mask. Not the brightest crook heh. But yeah no way he leaves with the money, that's not enough for a standoff to be worth it!
@Stephen: Yeah if I were John I'd clarify that too. Fog of war probably, heh!
When it rains it pours
Thankfully hopefully there's cameras and such. Retail is hell.
Very nice update
Heh we're close to the "Take this Job and Shove It!" event horizon, eh?
This is such a cute reunion and I feel some nice charisma already.
Goodness I love these two
What a wonderful couple they are! Soooo happy to see them.

Trust but verify with Heather, all I'll say there.
You can do it!!
I believe in you Irene! You are a wonderful person and you can make this work out! I know it's really difficult to meet an old friend sometimes.
Irene is wonderful
Just all I can really say. This is so heartwarming!
Eee video gaming is fun!
Alright! See if those old skills come back!
She's so adorable!
I am enjoying this peek into her life. And hobbies indeed are a great idea!
What an adorable update!
And wowwwwwwwww Irene is so lovely! Love this whole update.

John is such a dear and a cute cinnamon bun! He's good in the maid outfit.

Great update!
That was a nice inversion
in that it went right from raunchy to wholesome (and then a tiny bit raunchy in the end, thank you Sebastian!)


Very nice.
That's a good game scenario
Lot of peril, every action meaningful. Heheh this was a cute update too with John and Iris canoodling too. Well done!
Geez Iris and John are such an adorable couple.

And hey Sebastian, I feel like you're included, they care about you deeply!
Oh, Max...never change!

That sidebar about Goofy's love life got me dying, and it's just so true too!
dat's right, not a complete bust.

Also Iris looks so sexy in these panels.

And that leg lift in the end is soooo cute. Very lovely writing, and lovely art!
At least the bear was late
Whew - glad that didn't ruin the festivities.

Though yeah I prefer pants if I have to deal with a bear. Hope they have bear spray!
I dunno, it's more fun if they're sober though! Hope there's no hangover!

But if they talk about it and it's all good later on, that's pretty hot.

Plus extra bonus points that they all remembered to wrap those rascals!
Heh too much to drink
But aww their sober interactions are very cute.

And oh goodness Iris is so hot.
This is gonna go well!
Heh this is quite a fun setup though!