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@Jim Nickabocker: Very well done, and it's a good relationship. I like the little interactions here. I look forward to the next update!
Really nice update.
Sebastian is really staying on the right side of the line for now and that's good.

Also, sick minibus! I remember seeing those quite often back in the day.

This is a really fun time, and heh I like John's complex dialogue to just describe going to the beach.

The awkwardness is pretty fun too. Well done!
Lots of joy
I love this page all around, from Iris' firefighter carry to the dialogue about being pounced. John missing from the next-to-last frame is hilarious and well-composed. Very well done!

Such a ragtag cast, which is a lot of fun. Thanks for this.
OMG this is adorable
These two are really adorable companions. Also John's practicality is refreshing; it's always advisable to have a fire extinguisher.

Heh heh Iris is feisty but this sounds like a fun outing.
The feels...
This one really hit hard. It's pretty sad.

John's pretty chill though given that his mom asked his friend to look after him, in earshot. I know a bunch of people would find that embarrassing. He's a really cool guy.
Oh wow...
Wow this is heavy. I hope there's some recourse for this.

Iris is so awesome.

Also, gg Luis, you really screwed it up.
What a guy!
I'm guessing his nickname is "Yolo!"
Well done!
This was an incredibly adorable page. And awwww Irene is such a sweetie, and she is definitely someone who is open-minded, and that's awesome. Refreshing way to handle a parental character too. And ahahaha there's another John/Iris shipper out there it seems!
Soooo very sweet
Awww I loved the cuddly bits in this. This is a great tribute!
Well played
Heheheh those ogres look pretty dapper, just sayin.' This is quite a fun page.
They done goofed!
Sadly this kind of thing does still happen IRL, even as geek stuff has become more mainstream.
Big honor!
I'm glad you posted this - it's a huge honor! And glad you love it!
Strip 4
This panel's one of your best yet. Well done!
She rules!
I already love it!
Very nice start here!
I look forward to seeing what's next!