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I'm a young South East Asian amateur mangaka who is to busy hooked up with manga comics, lazy to study!!!!! XD


The Midnighters:COMING SOON

Moe Lollipop:COMING SOON

Princess Holly:COMING SOON

YAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! I have a new tablet!!!! It is Wacom. It's Bamboo Pen & Touch. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! So that I can continue my work!!!!!!!!!
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And have you heard an island called "Christmas Island"?? If never, And the capital was called "Flying Fish Cove"!! Like, Flying Koi!!!
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How do the people create the island?? Do they found the island, named it and then live there??
do ryoko mind porn and what's her weakness??
plus, i like het too!! ^-^
OH MY!!!! So Maiko's a Fujoshi???? I only prefer Yuri and smut. Yaoi sure is masculine and disgusting.
WOW!!! yoki looks FUNKY!!!! please visit my profile because i just updated my description!!!!
is this nakajima gabriel's alter ego???
The Hair Colouring
the drawing and the colouring's okay but, the hair......i mean the's so ugly u do that on the hair......
well, that's NOT fair. she should just have to feel jealous that she saw liane and ryka and then told him to stay away from her.
is it yuri or shoujo-ai(milder than yuri)??
"I'll always be there for you, Ryoko." LIAR. He's drunk.
WOW i luv how u draw the spaceship!!!
i WON'T read this manga either!!!! XP
nell actually likes RYKA????/
ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! XD well, how old r u now???
i kinda guessed it's SHIT caming out of his nostrils!!! XD
sorry if im rude to u!!! ^^; i just wanna know more information on u!!!! ^.^
ROFLOLMAO i like Francis on the bottom panel!!! XD
is ryoko 18???
I hate you???? is she LUNATIC or what????