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Oh yeah.
It's not over yet. That boy got one more pokeon that I've been dying to seeee! >:} I"m glad you're KO'ed DT! Glad! (no I"n not. I'm sad.)
Small animals fighting eachother beneath the stars? Atticus alone with two fine ladies? Oh yes. His luck has finally changed.
Long time no see.
Been a long while....
@TwitchyWings: I'm pretty sure a series=season.
He caught himself a fangirl. That takes skill. But what takes real skill is getting rid of them.
I don't like you cat-thing. And I don't think you like me.
But everything else is perfect. Keep it up! ;)
Hot Dog!
I read the last one! I never thought I'd live to see the day where I'd have to read a rewriten version! Hazaa!
Thumbs up for the people on fire in the background.
As for the knitting thing... the site is called Ravelry...
I love your style.
I loved the Scott Pilgrim too! (so you see I have great taste) =w= Right, sooo have hope you love the movie as much as I did.
Aww. The one that got away. Again.
I love you. Everything you do is beautiful.

Can I have a wing?
Seeing how he cut them off he might as well eat them. Comfort food for thoes who's girls jump off buildings.
So that's what a bird looks like after it goes through the mower! I never knew.

(Holy mother of Waldo! That's animal abuse buddy! What kind of guy leaves his girlfriend's corpse under her bloody death trap flying machine? Then lets birds crap on her?! You can’t treat animals that way!)

Somehow I cant blame him.
And in the box there was.....


Keep the awesome going as long as possible.
Danger: Bad Pun Ahead
looks like DT Nido-/RAN/ away.
Dont hate me becuase I'm beautiful!
Honey I'm Home!
"Dear~ I brought the mail- Ho-my-god!"
Yeah. Happens to the best of us.
Litte known fact: They always jump.
More Art Slave
This... was... good.
There I said it. Update now, you spineless fool!
First thought: That's not going to work.
Second thought: jump any way! I'm sure It'll look cool!

Good job, love your characters.
You rock. Just. Rock.

I have to say my first thought was, 'holy shit she's going to saw the bird's head off' followed by, '>:D next page! I want the gore!' It's not too late... Maybe she /will/ lob off the bird's head! But I highly doubt it. =3=

Did I mention how hard you rock?

Great job.
March Madness?
Why would they come up with somthing like that... unless... It isn’t referring to the challenge at all! It's a secret ploy by the jealous artist trying to drive you over the edge and straight into the loony bin! But don’t worry. I make great company~