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Sorry for such a long hiatus
But hey my wrists feel great! I've been stretching them and doing physio every week and I can finally put my hands flat on a wall again! Still a long way to go until I'm fully healed but I can see the possibility of me getting better which is positive!
I started doing wrist stretches which kinda help but also are hurting everything a bit more.

drew this with my foot
potentially stress
I'm gonna make a few snarky-ish comics about the school I worked at. I'm not going to target any specific teacher nor give any hint as to which school it was, after all, the complaints I have about it are actually quite common.
Not so much in this comic, other than a co-worker implying I was fat. But you'll see in the next one.

Wrist wise I'm kinda "ehhh" right now. But you can see I'm focusing more on making the comic look good so I think I'm getting much better.
It took a while for this one to come out because I really wanted to try some new stuff with colouring and drawing instead of just doing shit due to my tendonitis...

And I got two shots of cortozol in the wrists for my troubles.

Gonna skip next week's update and I'll try to get the week after that because it's Obon holiday so I'm really gonna try to work on the comic then.
ow ow ow
got a cortozol shot in my right hand so that's my drawing hand hence, crappy pictures for a while and/or another hiatus.
might start drawing these with my feet. let you all know how that goes. :/
@Wingy: I'm Alive!?! You're alive! You're the one who never e-mails me back >:T

*Shakes tiny fist*
I kinda feel like a bitch...
But it finally came down to break up with him or kill him in his sleep... And I had a really good plan to get away with the murder so I figured...
I'm not going to get much more into this than what I did. We didn't work out for a lot of reasons and after a few years of soul searching while I'd like a PARTNER I'm not really interested in any kind of Lover. Boy or Girlfriend so... Meh.
Happy Birthday
Whelp, I'm almost officially "old" now, I've decided I'm going to be 25 this year. I'm not, but fuck it I still get mistaken for a highschooler so I'm gonna be whatever goddamn age I wanna be.
Comic this Monday! Gonna get back to a Monday update schedule.
Check out my Tumblr
Something else I won't get into...
I'm not going to get too deep into this but basically "Soda" who has been a bit of a reoccurring character will be dropped from the comic. I was dating him for 3 years and honestly, while I can say a lot of shit about him all I'll say is I'm GLAD we're not dating anymore.
There will be one more post with the breakup since our actual breakup conversation was kind of amusing.
Ziggy and Wing also won't be making anymore appearances since they both left Japan.
Some new characters are going to get introduced this Chapter though! A few we've already seen.
I'm a horribly vicious little person
I was somewhere between terrified and highly amused by this game. I wish we could have played this when I was in Jr High but then again. I'd be the small kid on top... And thus the one with a busted finger most like.
Or the one busting the fingers >:)
I'm Baaaaccckkk
Kind of a long Hiatus but I really needed it for my wrist.
They're not 100% better so the pages are going to be a little shoddy but I'm gonna keep working on these as much as I can. At least until I can finally flesh out a better plot for another comic.
Just forgot
Had this done last week, just forgot to put it up. Whoops!
I won't comment too much on this job, it was over a year ago that I quit and I still bitch about it but it was a good job just too much responsibility. The fact that you couldn't give students detention, their parents didn't care how they behaved in class, and you literally couldn't fail them (had a girl who got 12% on her final,never handed in any homework, I was forced to pass her in the class) and the smart students were often punished for being too smart it just frustrated me too much.
I quit badly and I feel bad about it sometimes but I would probably feel worse if I had come to school and murdered everyone.
so update on my wrist. I got a shot in it the other day. Burned like 1000 fires for the day, then today it's stiff as hell but generally ok. hopefully I'll be on the mend now. Next week may be a hiatus.
Happy new year! And we're entering into Year 3 in Japan, Technically it was year 4 for me because I'd spent half of year 3 in Canada and the other half buming around Japan unemployed but we're going to ignore that part of the comic.

New years resolution is to start my new comic, either "Lonely Monsters" or "Midnight Cafe" (probably work on the latter not the former)
Wrist is still bad but I'm going to just fight through the pain and at least put up sketch pages from now on.
yup yup
Seriously, keep me away from a computer... These patches feel FANTASTIC tho. Can't feel nothing with them on.
Yup, overdid it with playing starcraft, and my exercise routine which I think I just can't do pushups anymore or something. Either way, either one, I was working on this weeks page and my arms just started killing me. This typing right now is sending pins and needles up from my fingers to my shoulders.
... I should really see a doctor but I'm scared it's going to be something bad...
Happy Turkey Day
I'm Canadian so technically this is late for me, early for American's... Whatever, I miss turkey. T^T)
Not only do they not have it in Japan in general, my oven isn't big enough to cook it at all.
@William: AAAhaha no not really, but I do get a nice feeling when my last class of the day cancels and I can just roll over and land right in my bed to sleep. XD
TGS 2011
So we never got there till around 12-ish which means it was full, crowded and oh god so many moist and hot people. I had woken up at 6am because if we'd left at 7 or even 8 we would have gotten there when the doors opened and with our special entrance pass we would have been inside the same time IF NOT AN HOUR EARLIER than anyone else.
Course Aly and Wraith had to bloody sleep in.
It was still fun but nothing really stood out as OMG THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME next year except maybe a few PC games. The new PSP still looks like crap.
Okay like 90% of this is just me being a pussy but honestly I have a blister on my index finger so things kinda hurt. I could just shoot quality in the foot and throw out page 60 anyway but MEH I'm gonna just sit here like a baby and nurse my stupids.