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I love yaoi. Deal with it in therapy if you have a problem.

My comic, Talent Drain, will be re-posted very soon, there are a few problems with it that i'm trying to fix, m'kay?
Anybody else enjoy how Riley is just immediately 'you're fucking with us aren't you'? like she does not fall for it at all ilu fearless rainbow girl
Finch is best character now, sorry boys your spot got stolen
I am all for them finally hugging as bros but I am also all for them punching each other in the face, do you see my problem?

Or Assistant punching Wallis in the face then crying about how relieved she is.

Poor bby he has to tell people 'no touchy or else asplodey' WALLACE YOU BETTER FIX THIS
OMG YESSSSSSSS XD These two are just so cute, CoolyXLeif 4evah~<3
Ellis' attention span is like a goldfish. First he forgets to go home and pee, and now he wants to see guinea pigs. XD Stay adorable, Ellis
I agree with BootyBounce! Make it with the guy-assistant! I will be your fan forevah!
DUDE! I check this comic like five times a day for updates! I'm OBSESSED with this comic, don't delete it! I mean, we haven't yet found out what Herz is! I MUST KNOW!!!! *starts running around in circles screaming about it*
*POSE* I love Harold's new look! It's so stylish!
I reread this comic until you updated, because it's just THAT fascinating X)
Well hell's bell! Darling, we are your FANS, so of course we'll stick by your side! And pretty much everyone on smackjeeves can understand having too much on your plate.
XD Just thought I'd point that out.
I got a debit card for my eighteenth this year...I wonder what you'll get?
TeeHee, what's he gonna say?
Ooh, Clocky, are you gonna be sneaky? Vortex and Nocturne, watch out! The eye-eggs of DOOM are after you!
*explodes from laughing at Nilus's explanation*
Is it bad I understood this? XD LOVE IT!!!!
September 2nd, 2011
Oh my god she's just like me. XD All spazzy about her couple.
*bursts out laughing at ClockWork* Way to go, Clocky! You snark that Observer silent!
Oooh, very smooth! Me likey!
@Devdasi: Suite Precure, the character balances a ring of energy on her hips, then throws it and makes everything explode. Kinda funny.