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I like to make stories, I'll eventually get to work on my own comic but for now I'm willing to collaborate with someone who wants to do a comic but can't come up with a story. I'm very creative mind you. :3
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From the Co-Author of New Avengers
Well that was a short one. Still hilarious though.
I've finnaly caught up with the comic! Now I can post comments on the comics the days they come out! ROFLCOPTER!
The Warrior Way.
The Warrior Way is superior to the hero way. Sneak attacks and back shots. Fights to the death. Much better
/y/ is evil. Get it away. GET IT AWAY!!!!
There are so many move mysteries in pokemon I gave up on finding explanations.
At everybody
Your all wrong!
Revenge should be served with Blood and Bruises. I mean seriously who doesn't know that.
Anchor to the Face!
Even when Weegee gets hit he leaves an anchor for the face behind.
New Fan
Congrats Ms. Butters. You just got yourself a new fan. i look forward to commenting on your comics.