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I'm from Puerto Rico :B
Your art has improved so much! I really like the way you draw (especially the chibis)

Keep up the good work~!
Aside from the hs pointed out earlier, "embarasada" actually has a z in it. o_o;

ok! I'm going to stop being a Spanish-nazi
Are you taking a Spanish class or something? My only problem is the verb you chose. I know you meant to say "you slept with my grandmother" but you chose "dormiste" which is the literal translation. I would have used "acostaste" ... also meaning "you slept" but can also mean "you /slept/"

y'know what I mean? ;)

I saw someone else offering to help with your Spanish. I can too, if you want. I'm Puerto Rican (from Puerto Rico)
I'm a lurker fan of yours and I understand what that article is saying.... not that I draw smut to begin with... But, I find that when it comes to the internet, some people are just looking for sex. And... I'm not sure how I feel about it. I mean, yeah, I read some comics for the smut but... that's not the only reason why I would read a comic.

I've also noticed a huge rise in gay/yaoi/bl related things. I like it, so I don't mind too much... but... it's almost uncomfortable. I mean, look at Smackjeeves "Most Popular section" and count how many are bl.

At the same time, I feel like some artists say their comic is going to have sex in it and it doesn't, probably because they got interested in another storyline or something and dropped that comic. But, my comic isn't amazing, and it would probably be better if I updated more but... I feel like I have to compete with sex.

I named one of my chapters "Nude Model" and the next day I got a fave. What.... What does that say about us?

Don't get me wrong! I'm not saying your comic is terrible because there isn't sex every single page. In fact, that's why I like your comic. There's actually a story. I get to know the characters. Not just ... how good they seem to be in bed... which isn't really going to help me much in any way, shape, or form...
x3 Awww! It's so cute! I hope you had a fun birthday!
Erm, sorry about that
I've been kinda busy. Yay for college and... being busy all the time T_T

I'm applying to 3 summer programs in Japan. I was supposed to apply to internships too but.... I kinda... forgot about those.

Umm... This page started out as a study break... but then... I did it. o_o; N-now I need to study. (laaaaaame)

I'm sure if I actually updated regularly I'd have more people read this. xD
aww! Think in your life /will/ get better! I know it to be true! :3
So.... when I try to draw little kids crying..... they look like sad old people. So yeah. D:
Copy-Pasta page
Oh man, Everything except for the middle panel and the close up of Nettle were the result of copy paste. :P Oh the laziness. I have to say though, I'm quite proud of this page!

@ yokainomiko: yeah! It's been forever! LOL my comics about me are ridiculous! xD Ha ha! I'm just so lazy when I draw them!
His face.... is how I feel.... kinda-sorta-not-really.

I dunno. I wanted to draw. Funny thing is: half way through drawing this I felt like stopping, and just as I was about to stop... I really felt like drawing again. o_o;

It came out better than I thought it would. I'm getting there! @_@;
so muh fail
so, I've had the sketch of this page since August. D: and since then I haven't really drawn anything using my tablet... that requires for this to look nice.

So.. I kinda forgot how to draw on my tablet. Which can be seen in the second panel. wtf did I do to that old man? I feel like every time I draw him he looks different... because I can't draw old people.

D: anyway..... this page does not mean that I will once again update regularly. It's an attempt at trying... does that even make sense?
I think...
I think I forgot how to draw on my tablet. @_@; This shall be made apparent with the actual page update
Woah! I totally used to do that with a friend of mine. o_o; She would freak out if she missed an episode of DBZ (She had a huge crush on older Gohan)

D: And then she stopped liking anime and made fun of me for still liking it. Not cool man.
Wow. I'm such a lazy ass @_@; I haven't drawn anything non-work related for such a long time. (second job) All I did at work as draw, so by the time I got home (at 7pm) I never felt like drawing D:

I feel like I updated this at the wrong time. There's this really big scandal going on about a representative who apparently over the course of 10 years had beaten his wife. D: I mean, my comic has nothing to do with it but... I dunno.

oh yeah, last panel. I used a picture of a crying baby as reference. D: I saw all these sad baby pictures that it made me sad too!
I didn't go to my senior prom and that's how everyone (even people who weren't my friends) reacted. Proms... are really big where I live. Even our parents go! :D Especially senior proms.

but I went to the boy's school prom (went to an all girl's school), so it's good!
Plot is cool~!

Crackly face o_o;
Ha ha, like some of my friends say: "En la face!"
why are you so amazing?!?! D: