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Made some mistakes in the past, it's all good now.

Sorry to everyone, especially G.B.A, one of my best friends.

Now a back up account.

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So I decided to come back to smackjeeves because I miss the feeling of making comics and spriting and talking to friends about random stuff.. It was a terrible mistake for me to leave, and as usual, I end up coming back.

I'm going to reapply to this author comic, and some others but others like Holy Crap and the Viewer's Decision, I know I won't be able to rejoin.

I'm sorry for leaving and I hope you'll forgive me.
oh you guys are nice

smf stopped making comics lets have a comic making party without him
there wont be a next time


how many times did i leave this comic man was i a whiney little oy
uhhh i told s.l to tell you

and its cus i lost all interest in sj

this isnt for attention this time

February 9th, 2011
this comics been going on for too long

its a good comic believe me but i think it shouldve ended a while back
i lol'd at


wait thats the other comic..
Oh my god.

First off S.L, please don't post announcements here because I don't think this is the place.

And second off, alright I'm in.. Let's end this.
Reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh.
He was Blitz all along you know.
Me too.. we had some pretty good times and laughs among the way huh?

I've been on this comic for atl east 4 years now.. It was my first real author comic since Mario Author Network died..

But yeah.. Just like Authors, we went downhill, but we had our fun.
Parody of:

Yeah. I went there.

No more descendant plot bullshit.

We're making this comic the way it originally was.

I'm talking SuperStar Saga.
new solara is ugly
Pointless comic response?



Too late.
Hmmm... I wonder where they went.
So I haven't updated in a while,

And this is what I give you.