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Hahahaha! The only thing better than this comic is the description! I'm glad you like Buttersafe too :)
This seems like it could be something out of Adventure Time. And I LOVE Adventure Time!!!
This is probably your best ever. Of all time.
" Garth (Guest), 19 May 2010 12:09 pm

*sniff* they grow up so fat... *sob* "

LOL! Your comics are fat!

Also, I like commenting :P That said the new site looks spiffy!
This is perfect! Love it!
These 3 are all hilarious!
The towel one is best... but not by much because they all rock.

One problem though... Gravity's words in the middle panel... "It makes feel unloved."
The expressions in the last panels of Reveal and This House make them hilarious.
Hehe, Gary has Old. I think I'm catching old... Just, very slowly.

(Don't worry I read it as OCD after about 1.6s)
I write Star Wars love poems. But not any about cats. I have some semblance of a life. Also I'm a dog person.
Spelling mistakes!
Panel 4: "MAYBE that's because..."
"... having less ends WILL make me..."

Sorry, I have to.
Is anyone else terrified by the last post? Seriously, if aliens invaded the internet they would leave posts like that one...
Omg! It is! I didn't recognise it before but now I do!
Months later this one still makes me laugh aloud.
I probably should have mentioned I was talking about a pokemon. A "native american psychic bird" POKEMON.