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I love to draw! when i'm not on the computer, im drawing, and I simply trade sleep for the time to do all that and homework. I recently got a tablet, so I'll probably be turning a comic I made into a web-comic soon... as soon as I figure out how my7 new software works.
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can you translate the french?
(cant make out letters for le google)
Pretty pretty pretty please?
January 12th, 2012
y is it a .rar?
and what is a .rar? even my photoshop can't see it!
sweet. MY heart goes out to you Paine. I just love the awkward ones! <3
Oh, the poor kid
He's just got no luck, has he?
aww! but he was so adorable before! i miss the cute scarf look!
... Hate to be a downer on this yaoi moment, but if the number of yaoi comics were realistic, then there would be no guy left for us ladies! Although most would probably be content to just grab some popcorn and watch anyway... *shot*
if they zapped themselves into the game, doesn't that mean theyr dead for realz or like, concussed for life?! nooooes!
Don't neglect the story.
bah! too much fuss! you don't have to change it that much you know. I liked the early stuff, because you weren't trying to impress anyone... just trying to tell a story. It's good that you're trying you're best on it, but don't lose the spirit of the story in the glow of fancy colors. I have to say I like this version better than the other, because this one is human, something made out of heart and spirit and hard work, wile the other is just shined up to cover mistakes that never needed fixing. Don't let insecurity pull away the story. Read your booklets and see the story, not you hands drawing it. you will only find faults if you look at yourself, but none will appear when you stop and only see what you were driven to create.
yay! an update! happiness in comic form! X3
February 7th, 2010
I have a theory...
hmmm... could it be that she's such a bitch because Bernadette is prettier? neither of them are gorgeous, but Bernadette is defiantly prettier. Is it that Evyline is just a jealous condescending bitch? Seems like a shallow reason, but then again were talking about an especially shallow girl.
mwahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! kill im!
OOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Shiny!!! everone knows that's all she's thinking. lol!
keep the updates coming, this is getting good!I luv ur fight sequences!
im usually impressed by the way you draw arms, so the funky arm in the third panel was sorta a let down...