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Oh damn I misquoted you.

I meant Wait The Fuzz

It's acronym says "WTF".....look at MY pitiful excuse for a joke.

But yes I know the "fuzz" :p
Is that a subtle way of saying WTF?

What The Fuzz? :p

I love ho ya ripped off the horses :p
NAwwwwww it's a common misconception
o.O Ask and ye shall recieve! :p

And....telling genders doesn't ALWAYS matter.......right?
A nose joke? Now you're just grasping :P

But boy does he have a lot of concentration with that eye thing
Yes I did mean that :P

I just don't know the code for the fancy L thingie. (professional term ;) )

Poor poor Alarra. Here have the funnies at least *hands them to Alarra*
heh Best. Comic. Ever. ;) Now the avvie makes sense. :D So does this mean you have to mail Saithis 20 pounds?
Why does Dex have stress........I bet it's the chickens

Or not having a lockpick hand

Either or

*sigh* again he is ahead of his times
Wouldn't the hideous people be SO hideous they'd be very distinctive?
Apparently this is a common affliction
heh does this mean the evil guy love Sneak. I think this is biased :P Dumb cats writing their own comics
I love me this comic now........ Sneak/Boo/Rose/Dex/whatever the hell you my friend are a genius ;)

When will the evil overlords EVER learn that drama is EVERYTHING.
Awwwwwwww so sad :( I think he'll break down and cry now......