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I tend to go by 'French'. The French in the comic used to be me, and then she became her own character.

So here I am.

That was riveting.

May or may not do this for everyone.
They won't appear in the comic. It's just for fun. c:
For links to all the music, please go here:
@LieYourPantsOff: Nah, sorry. XD
@malektorche: lol somebody pointed this out on Devart too, but I suppose it's more like French bought the paper to read and Wilton's just looking at the photos.
Reg's pokemon, as hooman beans.
@MegaBlaziken: ERRRR *sweats profusely* Don't get your hopes up too much. ^^;;;;
@SilverNinetales: I think I'll use it. XD
The very first drawing of French, and the most recent.

Experimenting with a new brush on Photoshop, so while the next page is in the works, I'm just doodling little things. XD
Redrawing the first few gym leaders.
@Super poodle: Yes. Yes she does.
@Orion: lol I said why in the description. XD I drew this a long time ago.
And we are all caught up! This is the latest page sooo... now I'm afraid you guys have to wait, along with everyone else. >8D
Songs I like are in the description here:
@SoraIndigo: Hahaha brilliant XD
@BFTMC: You can see the outcome in the next part! c:
@MRZ: Oh wow, thanks so much! Really glad you're enjoying it. 8D
@troblsomtwins829: Well it's your lucky day cos I'm on DA. XD It's here: