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I tend to go by 'French'. The French in the comic used to be me, and then she became her own character.

So here I am.

That was riveting.

I was listening to my Nuzlocke playlist the other day and was like 'omg I don't appreciate Robert enough'.
So I drew him.

Sorry for the slowness of the comic, as usual, but what's new!
@rodneysux69: Now now. Don't be an ass.
@HeartinaRosebud: They each 'activate' depending on her mood. I'll be illustrating it in the following pages. c:
@Pyrouge: Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it. ^^
@Night Spring: Thanks for your suggestion! But I don't think anyone's had a problem telling them apart. c: That's why I gave them varied uniforms.
I am exactly 1 month too early to post this, but considering how all over the place I am currently with my own work, I just wanted to get this out.
So yeah! I realised recently that this year year will mark the 8th year of doing my Nuzlocke! I'm so sorry to everyone of all my long hiatuses but I'm
extremely grateful that so many of you still follow and enjoy it.

The next page is the works, don't worry.
@Arky: Bold, as in 'naughty'. c:

After looking it up, apparently it only means that in Ireland... ^^; Sorry for any confusion! I didn't realise.
Wanted to do a little something for Pride Month. c:
@Eeveeisthebest: Huh, that's super weird. Thanks for letting me know! I've changed the link.

Thank you! :D I appreciate it.
Just for fun.

I'm terribly sorry about the fearsomely slow updating, but I explain everything here: ho-are-interested
I found the first proper illustration I ever did of these guys the other day! From something like, 5 years ago.
Don't worry, I'm super-psyching myself up to start on the next page.
I'm not dead! I haven't abandoned this.
May or may not do this for everyone.
They won't appear in the comic. It's just for fun. c:
For links to all the music, please go here:
@LieYourPantsOff: Nah, sorry. XD
@malektorche: lol somebody pointed this out on Devart too, but I suppose it's more like French bought the paper to read and Wilton's just looking at the photos.
Reg's pokemon, as hooman beans.