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aww haru is so adorable!!!
\\(-^_^-)// i luv how haru is fallen for him!!! he is turnin gay d'aww so adorable :3
@Pink25great:lolz u gotta curse at this cliff hanger dont u?
XDDDDDDD HAHAHAHA!!!!!!LOLZ THIS IS SOOOO FUNNY..."why did he admit it?" lolz ur chibis cnt wait for da next update \(>.<)/
hurhurhur...lolz XD @Pink25great: lolz u sent me da link nd we wer jst havin another convo of pika*Seme*chu..... 2 guys kissing is da best nd i believe it is all of our thoughts combined for da monologue*cough cough* luv dis comic <3 cnt wait fo next upload
hahaha pink25great....yesh dats how our coversation goes XD...

RAPE!!!!!!!!! yesh total amazing semeness pika!!!!!...its a little scary....BUT THEN AGAIN ITS SEXY!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT FOR DA NEXT UPLOAD >.<
hahaha lolz his mom is such a fail sometimes..... nd wen urr mom is in shock from her child studying then tht is just saaad!!! lolz
hahaha i like the banana+banana=2
awwwww the dolls r so adorable especially in the last panel i wana glomp em!XD
hehehe i like jack he makes cute faces but nooooo!!!! oh nos! david cnt hav amnesia!! poor desta! (;_;)
hahaha nice i luv ur chibis..... i actually dnt mind wtchin him fail XD its fun
oh noes!! y do i have a feeling david has amnesia... NOO!!!!! tht cnt happen he jst got together with desta.. i think ima cry now (;_;)
haha lolz "all that jazz"... u shld make it a musical now
omg! rei is hot! i luvs him alredy
oh god poor desta.... i feel sorry for him david shld cheer him up......
now on the other hand..... I LOVE THE NURSES THEY R F'N HILARIOUS LOL 8D
hahaha i luv desta
nice!! luvs the cover..... cnt wait for the nxt upload (>_<)
OH GOD THATS FUNNY!!!... i luv the cookies.... u can tell tht haru relly is like his mom
hehe mom:"want some curry honey"
haru:"you mean that thing lying on the floor?....... i think its dead" XD haha that was great
god i luv his mother i wish my mom was like that!!!! lol
XD!!!!! LOLZ she IS awesome!!!!
OMG! lol he went to his mom thts relly lame but his moms looks awesome nd the pot jst killed me aahahaha lol