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Shaved ice is only good when you get to the bottom.
Aren't you the guy though?

(also, this'll be my last comment on this series as Luigi_96. Onwards to Nashew!)
Everybody wants those kinds of pockets.
Congrats on six years!! :D
Yay happy birthday Ulti (at least it was when this was posted, lol)
Do not steal the Doo's sugar.
Everyone just sleep. Sleep is important.
That ponyta looks like something straight out of MLP. I don't know how to feel about that.
The fire will never die? *shot*
(literally nobody is gonna be able to finish that)
I relate to that Buizel so much
You don't see many Absols as main characters in pokemon comics.
Well, Core had to screw this up SOMEHOW.
I'd say there's SOMETHING coming...

They DO exist... *faints*