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Fnaar. Damn noobs.
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bye everyone, hope you live good lifes.
Nearly all of them are noobs :/
Hey guys im back, and with a new fan character! the reason i havent been on as much and havent been uploading is cuz my pc broke, but now ive got a new one! hopefully i'll be able to upload once a week, since im so bissy with skating and stuff :) vhope you like it :)
Meet sonic.
Go Die in a hole you shit spriter. You Cant get any worse than you are.
Yeah it is a complement. The only thing i sugest is custom quils, Otherwise your just a recoloured sonic with some bangs. :)
Can I Do it plz ;D
Mist your emmense at spriting! You might not be good at hegehogs but knowing you you'll find a way to make it better. dont Think your bad when your not. Its not good for you. :)
It looks like one of mists customs recoloured. :/
Run into the tree!
Were'd you get that pose?
The only thing i suggest is to do custom quils. And do 4 or 5 shades. other than that good job :)
I cant find any good colour for pants that wouldnt clash the the colour of the fur
I dont really know how not to pillow shade :'/
The quils are just mental. Ugly sprite. To tall. And if your calling theese guys noobs. look at there spites. Then yours. Look at how much you suck.
I changed the style of the hair. colour of the pants+Shit. But what I need to know is what shade to use? so then I can carry on with the sheet