Alrighty. Well. To start. Everyone may call me Emira, Fuzzball, Momiji, Marluxia, or Yachiru. Or any variation of these. I'm easygoing. You could even call me "Hey, You." And I respond.

I am an Aquarius and a Horse! LOVE YOU, FURUBA!!

I adore Manga, Anime and anything of the like. I love to write. Nekos are adorable.

Beware, I am an Uber Fangirl. I will glomp, drool, swoon, and fantasize about guys I think are kawaii.

I collect icons.

Kurama from YuYuHakusho and Fai from Tsubasa are MINE!!!! *hisses*

Other than that. HELLO!! Nice to meet you! <3
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WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM?!?!?! *sniffle/ tears up*
Lol. The look on his face in the last panel is soooo great!!
*totally tempted to do fanart now*
Whenever I see you update, it makes me smile! Can't wait for chapter two!
Ahhhh... *fangirls over Fay* He's soo cute. I wanna take him home and feed him cookies and cake and cuddle with him.

And dang it. That's a loaded deal there.
Ditto at all of the above, though I admit I have been a squealer all my life. ^_^
Cosplay is always a good excuse. ^_^

Anywho. OOOOO. Nice page!!
Fay..... sexy.... *dies a fangirls death*
Atty... if you're not nice to George, I'll attack you with a freaking Magicarp...

*broodes over the possible ways Atty could be mean*
OMGGGGG!!! I'm totally in love with this comic.
OMG.... This is amazing.... what do you use as your medium? Watercolor?
*sniffle/tear* Don't leave Faustus. He's too cute!!!!!!!! *fangirls over him*
I like him. A man after my own heart.

And oooooooooo.
Awwwww.... *cries*
HADEEEES!!Fight ittt!!!
YAY!!! Tara, I'm sooo proud of you! Two new pages!!