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I love your watercolours, denji, and the comic so far is just wonderful. I'm glad Muse showed it to me! :D
Ohmigosh, thank you so much to everybody who has read this comic so far- I had no idea that anyone would like this lil ol' thing!!
Anyway, the pages are gonna be updated every Friday, fingers crossed. really hope you enjoy the comic. :)

Maybe I should answer some comments, huh...


@ Clovery: Wow, really? I'd like to see what you drew (and how much more awesome it is than my rushed cover, lol)

@ 3o-s-knight: Hey Denji! :D lmao, if I was the next Will Eisner I probably wouldn't be sat on my bed in a tiny student bedroom drawing this comic! XD Thanks though... anyways, to draw this comic I just use a pencil and then I clean and colour it in Paint Tool SAI. :)

@ Theorah: Thanks! Yes I would say animation classes have helped alot with my drawings.

@ autis: Thanks, this is such a big compliment... the original story I based this on has almost no setup, so I wrote Chapter 0 myself. :)

@ ele9y: Thanks, hooray for cyberpunk! :D

@ Irrisorie: Thanks, hopefully you'll find that the next chapter is paced a little better, I'll try my hardest to make it so :)
Oh noes! D:
After I finished drawing Robbie I realised how much he had ended up looking like Gambit from X-Men... XC
Hi and welcome to my attempt at a webcomic- I hope things work out. :)
'Frankenstein Complex' is a term coined by Isaac Asimov to describe a person who has a phobia of robots- someone who fears that an artificial human could destroy its creator. I hope you'll see why I called the comic this as the story moves on. :)
I really hope I can redo the lettering some time... ):