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I guess I'm breaking my promise to leave Smackjeeves however I'm not really going to be a comic Author anymore. I think I'll just stick to writing literature. Many years have passed and I'm very different. So I made a new account. I'm no longer a furry, no longer a weaboo, and no longer a shut-in with insomnia. If I do become an Author again it would because I ended up teaming up with an artist because I can't draw but I can write. But I'm making an account again to get rid of ads and to comment. So yay :D
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I think I might have seen that exact picture at a convention, minus the sexy cloud of course. Although that one small addition probably increased the sexiness of the picture by 800%.
I use an RSS reader to keep track of web-comics, so when theres a new page for 5 different comics I just open them all in tabs. It's VERY annoying when this has a new page and it jumps me to the tab to tell me it "Contains Adult content" when it is the most innocent BL comic I've ever seen on SJ. If you're going to have adult content later then just put the warning up when you get there. For now it's just annoying.

Girls Only, Forced Seduction, and I think I'm! Are all WAY more adult than this comic. And they don't have Adult content warnings. Because you don't need an adult content warning unless there is violent graphic gore or graphic nudity.
This comic is the tamest BL comic I've ever read on SJ. And most of the ones I've read don't have Adult content warnings. You really don't need it and it's just annoying having to close the pop-up every time you update.
Whales! Welsh whalers wail whales and flail the whales back to Wales.
YES! AN UPDATE! FINALLY! I'm so excited! I really hope this comic doesn't die again before they even get to the tall grass.
Are you gonna' start making references to Telephone too?
Plus, He's not exactly WEARING the ski mask as he is holding it in his mouth.
Did somebody say WHALES?!
Did you know that Welsh Whalers Wail Whales and bring the whales back to wales?
This cover has convinced me to +Fav!
Aaah!! I wish you would update! I want to see where this was going!
Doesn't he know that everybody is Ash's Bitch?
These drawings are so cute!
It appears that the door is in the middle of the moat! And that once you get through the door you come to a solid wall! Quite the difficult castle to enter!
Does that Ratata have a mustache? Because if it does then it's a really cool Ratata.
WHA?! ENGLAND?! You know that Pokemon Kanto isn't actually Kanto Japan right? The Johto region is actually based off of Japan's Kanto region. And they're actually one connected landmass. Hoenn is an island but Kanto and Johto are connected to the same landmass as Orre. And Almia is a peninsula just south of where the map cut off in Sinnoh. And at the bottom right corner of the Almia map you can see part of Orre.

I'm pretty sure Pokemon doesn't have an England ^^;
I interpret this to mean that he can kiss a guy a turn him gay?
GRAH! I always have so much trouble loading your pages!
Awww. You didn't stick with the original "And then the princess called on birds to peck out her step-sisters eyes" ending?
Heh, I remember I saw the movie with one of my straight friends and he pointed out every single scene with a Penis. "WOW! LOOK AT THAT THING SWING EVERYWHERE! IT'S HARD TO TAKE MY EYES OFF THAT THING!" And I was like "I thought I was the gay one."
I read panel 5 as "And then she turned him into Apollo Justice!